1. kara

    OMG! I can’t believe I’m just finding/ reading your blog. I’m OBSESSED! I’ll be back this week to endure some fitness fun…I mean pain. I LOVE YOU!

    • I’m ready for this weekend! Let me tell you, I wanted to cry today. The workout kicked my butt!!! Do come back and read more of my crazy stories. LOL

  2. i love this post and i love that there is someone else in the world having morning pep talks. they felt a little silly at first but, laugh away, they really work!

  3. Great post! There are so many things that come to knock us down. It is so important to remember we can build ourselves up. Thanks for the tips. Have a great day!

  4. OMG I talk to myself too. All the time. My pep talks go on throughout the day now that I’m on the positive mindset. How awesome. Thank you for posting

  5. These are some really actionable tips! I don’t have kids yet but all these tips are still relevant to me. In my psychology training they always talked about the benefits of actively giving yourself affirmations, but it seemed silly to me, so I never tried it. Maybe I will now! 🙂 Also, you have some really cute outfits in these pictures!!

  6. I’m glad to have come across your blog! I need to start doing some self Pep talks. I’ve been home this whole summer waiting on my work visa to return to China and it’s taking longer than usual. That cloud of negativity is weighing me down!

    It’s nice to hear some encouragement from another mom out there 😀

    • I hope you get your work Visa soon so you can return to China. As moms, we have to encourage one another and we need that encouragement sometimes.

  7. [ Smiles ] Hmm. Did you change your URL?

    Anyway, it is always a good idea to give our self an uplifting pep talk (Which is way better than the negative self-talk).

  8. Megan

    The morning Pep talks make me think of the video of the little girl who tells herself she’s awesome in the mirror. Affirmations are definitely something incorporate daily.

  9. I am also a big believer in setting weekly goals. Ever since I started bullet journaling, I got into that habit to make a weekly spread just for goals, which motivates me tremendously. Great post! Blessings!


  10. I believe in pep talks whether it is morning, noon or night. Sometimes this is necessary to keep your head above water. So do it as often as it takes!

  11. Great post MomJonz. How right you were to say we walk out the door into a world of negativity and we have to prepare ourselves. I am glad I found your post. It helped enlighten me on the importance of getting dressed up. I usually conduct all my business in my jammies LOL. But, from now on, I will be taking your advice.

  12. Thanks you! A reminder I definitely needed to not overlook a pep talk with myself in the morning and with Leyden as well as setting goals and getting out of the house (Not just to work lol)
    your awesome!!

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