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Yes, I have a full morning pep talk each and every day.  And yes, my husband use to give me the strangest looks.  He still gives me that crazy glance from time to time. But, I don’t care. This pep talk helps me face the world and ensures I maintain a healthy self-esteem.  Remember, we spoke of those killjoys in the world and how it’s important to control how YOU feel about YOURSELF.  I’m a firm believer that a self pep talk to boost your self-esteem is in order for all of us. 

Why I Believe In Pep Talks

Each day we walk out into the world filled with negativity.  If we do not load ourselves up with positivity, we can quickly be sucked in, and that’s the beginning of self-destruction with your self-esteem.  I use the morning pep talks to keep me focused on my mission and that I matter.

My personal conversations help me focus on what I love about ME and ensures I stand for who my family and I are.  That few minutes each morning also prepares me to greet our children.  Do you realize that our children fall in line with us?  If our self-esteem is healthy, it’s more likely for them to have a healthy self-esteem.  If we are pleasant each day, they are more likely to be kind little souls (at least until they finish their pancakes and bacon).

The first thing I tell myself each is day is how beautiful and wonderful I am.  No, I’m not talking about physical beauty, I’m talking about deep down soul beauty.  That beauty of knowing I’m a caring, loving person and knowing who I am.

Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem & Your Child’s Self-Esteem

As a parent, we play a significant role in our child’s self-esteem when they are young.  If we walk around with low self-esteem, our kids will begin beating themselves up just as they see us do.

Besides having a pep talk each morning, we need to cover a few other ways we can boost our self-esteem (these are just a few things I do, no particular order).  This list is how YOU can help YOU.  We aren’t trying to help others boost their self-esteem yet. We will get to that later. Remember this; YOU can’t help others until YOU help YOURSELF!

Yes!  I Tell Myself I’m The Greatest Person Ever – Try it

I sure do; It’s like having a Princess moment each morning.  Cause if you don’t tell yourself how great you are then who will? It doesn’t matter why you’re telling yourself you’re the greatest, just try.

Stand in the mirror, and repeat these words: I’m The Greatest……(fill in the blanks with mom, dad, child, friend, teacher, etc.).  Take a moment and do this with your child each day. Young kids will love the mirror time with you.  Have them focus on their physical features and their inner self. Do not confuse saying you love your appearance as being conceded or stuck up.  If you don’t like your appearance than find one attribute you do like and focus on that (we will discuss focusing on loving our bodies later).

Find Something You’re Great At

That’s right.  When you complete something you know you are capable of doing, then do it.  You are happy and proud of who? That’s right, YOURSELF.

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When it comes to your child(ren), encourage them to find something they are good at and encourage them to try new things.  Let them know they are doing a great job.  Maybe both of you love singing, then sing together.  Perhaps, you want to try painting, go out and do that.  The sky is the limit here.

Get Out And Move

You read that right, get out the house!  You can take a walk, go out to lunch, visit family or friends.  I use to set up regular lunch dates with friends. We had great conversations and lots of laughter.  I’m sure the people around us thought we were crazy from all the laughter we had, but guess what?  We didn’t care!  We enjoyed ourselves, and it felt great!

Head out to the park with your kids.  If you’re sitting in your house alone every day, it can be a bit depressing. We all need a little interaction with others from time to time.  Watch the smile on your child’s face when you get to the park.  Run around, play tag, push them on the swing.  Laughter is good for the soul.  Play a game of tag and let loose.  Run and scream!  Be that parent to strike up a conversation with the other parent hanging out at the park.  You will be amazed that a little chatter can help improve your mood, that mood will begin helping you feel better about yourself.

Be that parent to strike up a conversation with the other parent hanging out at the park.  You will be amazed that a little chatter can help improve your mood, that mood will begin helping you feel better about yourself.  And guess what?  You may brighten someone else’s day with a simple smile, hello and conversation.

Set Small Goals

Set yourself small weekly goals.  Don’t go crazy with this.  We want the goals to be something easily obtainable, and then you can build on them. Let’s just say you have shoes all over your closet (guilty!).  You may set the goal to organize that closet before Friday.  When you reach it, pat yourself on the back and grab a nice bowl of ice cream.

We focus on listing our TOP 3 To-Do’s every day in my Facebook group.  I encourage the ladies to list these items and come back to let us know how they did; you know, a bit of accountability.   No need in trying to accomplish 20 things in a day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and God didn’t create Earth in a day.

Do something similar for your child. Depending on the child’s age it could be giving them a small task to complete each day such as wiping off the table, putting socks away, etc.  If you have older children, you can have them help you cook dinner or yard work. When they finish, give them a high five and let them know, they did a great job.  It’s the little things that make the biggest smiles shine.

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Get Dressed

Take an extra 15 minutes out of your day to fix yourself up a bit.  If you usually wear an old torn t-shirt and ripped sweats around the house, grab your jeans and shirt.

Add a cute bow to your daughter’s hair or a new pair of shoes for your son.  If you have older kids, try painting your daughter’s nails or a new shirt for your son.  Looking good brings on a whole new feeling!  When you and your child walk by that mirror, there will be a little smile and pep in that step.  Heck, you may even have to pause, step back and ask, “who’s that looking in the mirror?”  WHHAAATTTT??!!!

Avoid Negativity

Avoiding negativity is hard in this world, but it’s a biggie.  Stop looking at the wrong in your life.  Make every attempt to find the good, I promise, you have a lot of greatness happening.  If this means you need to remove certain people for a while, do it!  You cannot improve how you feel about yourself when you constantly have others putting all of their burdens on you.

Learn to stop folks in their tracks when they try putting you down.  Remember our killjoys; they are always lurking in the shadows.  Think back to your morning pep talk here.  Remember that one thing you loved about yourself and play that over in your head as they try bringing you down. And don’t be afraid to walk away.

When it comes to children and avoiding negativity, please do not confuse parenting with being negative with your child.  It’s ok to tell your kids when they are misbehaving or doing wrong. That’s part of parenting.  However, find the good they do too.  As your child gets older, they may encounter negativity amongst peers,  remind them to focus on their morning pep talk and to have self-love. What do they like most about their self?  Is it their eyes, hair, etc.?  Whatever it is that should be their focus.  If they have negative friends, then maybe they need to find a new set of friends and most importantly, remind them that if “friends” are putting them down, they are NOT a friend.

Strive To Be & Remain Positive

The most important thing to remember about boosting your self-esteem is staying positive about yourself. We all have bad days and get a little down; that’s not the same as having low self-esteem. It’s normal and ok to have these days.

If you know who you are and love yourself regardless of what others may say or think about you, YOU are unstoppable!  Remove negative talk and negative actions.  Focus on YOUR good!

And, it’s ok to talk to yourself in the mirror.  Well, at least for a few minutes.  🙂

Know You, Be You, Love You

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