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February is the month of love, and it’s quickly approaching. Couples are all snuggled, romance is in the air, and you just see red hearts shining in the sky. Couples buy roses, chocolates, go out for romantic dinners, and some even seal the deal on that relationship status on this day. But if you’re like me you try to get cute, inexpensive or some people just say CHEAP gifts for friends.  Yo!  AIN’T nothing wrong with buying cheap valentine’s day gifts for your friends, your kid’s friends, co-workers or family members. A household valentine’s day gift is a great idea too.

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Friends

Let me recommend a cute, inexpensive, and inspirational gift all rolled in one.  A cute little magnet to remind that special someone in your life to always be true and LOVE themselves.

My first blog was Preschool2Teen (the domain name still belongs to me).  At this site, I promoted self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education in youth (it is now under empowering youth here at Mamas and Coffee).  In addition to the site, I spoke at schools, camps and hosted a weekly after-school session working with teens to build their self-esteem.  During many discussions, I realized these kids wanted to impress so many different people that they couldn’t even BE themselves, let alone LOVE themselves.

After chatting with other adults, I realized many of us fall into the same category as these teens.  Mostly women because we forget about ourselves when we become wives and mothers.  Or maybe because I don’t stand around chatting with men too often so it doesn’t slap me in the face as hard, but I’m sure they struggle in this area also.  So, anywho….during these chats and after Mamas and Coffee took off, I knew I had to bring this inspiration over here and claim it!

A Simple Concept But A Struggle

Know You, Be You, Love Youâ„¢ is a simple concept, but yet we struggle with it.

Know You– Who are YOU?  Come from behind the shadows of your kids, your spouse, your friends, your job and anything else you hide behind.  Where are you from?  What do you have to offer the world?  What are your likes/dislikes?  The lists go on.  Get to know you!

Be You– Be true to YOU!  Stop trying to impress people and just do YOUR thing.

Love You – Love yourself first.  Love who you are and what you’ve become.  You may still have a ways to go, but accept it and keep pushing on.  Give yourself compliments, be proud of YOU!  You are an AMAZING person!

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Friends

This little magnet was created as a reminder to these three very important things (Know You, Be You, Love Youâ„¢) and it’s a great reminder for EVERYONE!  Grab yours today and place on your fridge.  Give as a gift for any occasion, but with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it is a great inexpensive gift idea for friends or that someone that may need this little reminder in their life.  And, it’s created by yours truly.  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!  BOOM!!!! 

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