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If you haven’t made your 2018 resolution or goal, I have one for you.  Let it be to take better care of yourself.  That’s right, make SELF-CARE your #1 GOAL this year.

Believe it or not, you are not getting any younger.  Your life, health, and mental state are essential and should be important to you!  Each day we awaken to a list of 50 million things to do to serve others.  Serving others is excellent, but you must also help yourself from time to time.

Make Self-Care Your Goal

How much time do you block off each month for you?  No, it doesn’t include you playing tag with your kids or cooking your spouse their favorite meal.  Those things are great, and it may be relaxing for you to be in the kitchen.  BUT, it’s not for you.  You are doing these things to give to your loved ones.

When is the last time YOU did something for YOU?  When is the last time you went to see a movie you wanted to see and had that little extra butter on your popcorn?  When is the last time you had lunch with friends and laughed uncontrollably about who knows what?  Maybe it’s been FOREVER since you made a Dr. appointment for an annual physical.  Keyword there…annual, which means you should go once a year.

It's Me Time! Mug

It’s Me Time! Mug

We all live busy lives.  Some want others to believe their lives are more hectic than any others and that because they are active or ripping and running all day that it is what makes them AWESOME.  Hmmmm….NO!  What makes you better than the next is knowing when and how to feed YOUR well being.  Ok, nothing makes you better than the next.  But, do know that there’s nothing wrong with taking time for self and being happy about it.  Self-care is NOT selfish!

No worries, small steps will be taken to help you gain some self-care time.  It takes small steps to learn that it’s ok to do for self and it takes time to learn YOU matter!  So, let’s start small.

1st Two Major Steps To Make Self-Care Your Goal For 2018

To practice self-care, there are two significant steps YOU MUST DO:

  1. SAY NO – that’s right.  Not a let me think about.  Not a maybe.  A simple….NO!
  2. Mark your calendar – plan out time for you.  Mark off days and times each month for you!  We write down school events, games, appointments, etc.  Write down your self-care times.

Your self-care time may even consist of 30 minutes quiet time to drink your favorite beverage.  Check out the It’s Me Time Mug.  Make it a rule that when you have that mug out, NO ONE is to bother you unless YOU invite them to.

To take care of others means you MUST take care of self too.  Let’s make self-care your goal this year!

What are some self-care things you do?  If you need some ideas or want to hear more about learning self-care and loving yourself, check me out at in the fun-filled Facebook group Mamas and Coffee.  Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we dig a little deeper into this topic.

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