Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Teen Daughter

Christmas gift idea for teen girls

Don’t stress about finding a teen girl a last-minute Christmas gift.  Yo, we haven’t even started our Christmas shopping, and I’m sitting here chilling like we have 365 days to go.  Let me help you with last-minute Christmas gift ideas for teen girls in your life.  No worries, no worries at all.  I’m here to save your blood pressure.

Best Tip In Handling Distance Learning

Distance learning is happening this year. It’s 2020, the school year of COIVD-19, and many kids are heading back to school online. As a matter of fact, some have already started. Our kids have not. Our school system delayed the start of the year by a couple of weeks. So, we will begin after Labor Day. I guess they are …

Coffee Chat with eNannylink – Empowerment For Family

enannylink bio

Mamas and Coffee® hosts Coffee Chats every Friday in their Facebook group. These LIVES are where individuals can sign up and chat about life. It’s REAL, RAW, and RANDOM. But oh, so fun. Let’s Introduce Our Coffee Chat Guest Shauna Hibbitts is a wife and a mother of two adult children. This is her number one job and it never …

10 Tips For Raising Confident Kids

raising confident kids to go into the world as confident adults

With every passing day, it seems like our mainstream culture becomes more complex and, therefore, more difficult to navigate. As adults, it’s tough to keep up with the top news stories, stay in the loop at our kids’ schools, maintain a thriving business, and support a loving home. If we’re having trouble keeping everything straight, can you imagine how our …