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A pen and paper on top of a table.

“Tomorrow is a new day. I can start fresh!”  That’s what we tell ourselves each night as we finally rest our head on the pillow.  As that alarm goes off the following morning, our minds are immediately filled with all the things we did not accomplish the previous day, our worries, our struggles or our failures.  So, why do we say we will start each day with a fresh set of eyes?  Why not just set a way to tackle your to-do list little by little each day?

I think MOST people have great intentions, but we fall short simply because we try to cram too much into our day.  You see the word try there.  There’s no denying it from MomJonz.  I was and still am that person. It’s a slow process to step back and figure out what’s most important in my day, and in my life.

This isn’t even a mom thing; this is a human thing.  We are always trying to be “perfect” and feel that by always being or should I say, tell people that we are busy that it equals to perfection.  Well, folks.  Let me burst your bubble.  That is not perfection, and no one is going to give you a cookie for being “busy.”  What it means is that you need to organize your day a little better.

It Hit Me – I Need To Get My Days Together

One December morning it hit me!  It hit me that I was always running around doing way too much or a lot of nothing.  Trust me, I have never been that person to say, “I’m SOOOO busy.”  Honestly, people that say this all the time annoy the mess out of me.  But, what I did realize was my time wasn’t spent doing what needed to be done, and it was a never ending cycle of getting nothing or very little accomplished.

So, I sat down at my kitchen table and thought about my day. There were 7 consistent things each morning within the first hour or so of waking up.  SCORE!  After this, I run my day on a whim.  It sounds great, right? Well, it is, and I do get things done, but I NEVER get what I NEED to get done completed.  Dang it!  I NEED to get my days together!

Being a stay at home mom and running my own business allows me to do what I want when I want to do it. However, I still have a family and home to tend to.  I still have friends that need some of my time.  And I still have a life!

A laptop sitting on top of a table.

The best thing that entered my life was when I created a daily thread for a FB group.  Another on the whim thing.  Yes, I’m random.  So, very random.  Lol  This daily thread, it’s very simple.  We list our 3 MUST DO’s each day.  Yep, the goal is to list three things and check back in at the end of the day.  Of course, you may have more than 3, but the three you list are your ABSOLUTE musts.  Yes, tackle your to-do list with others cheering you on.

Accountability For Your To Do Lists – It Works

This has really helped me!  Others say it helps them as well.  It’s helpful for me cause I know one of the ladies will ask me about my list.  YIKES! Someone is going to hold me accountable.  Yep, that’s right.  When we are being held accountable, we tend to get things done.  How ironic, right?

Do you have someone that can hold you accountable for your Must-Dos?  Maybe there’s a friend you can partner up with and send daily texts of your MUST Do’s or come on over and join our group to get in on the daily thread.  If none of these options sound good, grab yourself a pen and paper to begin writing down three things a day.  Post that joker on your fridge or someplace you will see numerous times a day and BOOM!!!!

Our To-Do Lists Are Too Overwhelming

DadJonz is always asking me what I accomplished each day.  I give him a bunch of jabber, and he kindly cuts me short.  Mind you, we just celebrated our 15th year wedding anniversary, so there’s no sugar coating with us.  He wanted to know why I make such overwhelming lists.  WHATTTTT???!!!!!  My lists aren’t overwhelming.  So, then he asked why I start ten different tasks at once.  WHATTTTT???!!!!  I don’t start ten different tasks at once.  Yeah, I have ten different things going, but it’s humanly impossible to start them all at the same time.  Yes, I’m smart butt too.  lol

I’ve found by breaking my lists down to 3-5 tasks each day I’m able to accomplish them.  I also ensure I add one self-care task each week.  Yep, write that self-care task down and count it as one of your Must Dos for that day!  BOOM!

Tackle Your To-Do List With Some Fun

If you’re still reading this, you know you’re not alone with struggles with the never-ending to-do lists.  But, you also know you can accomplish things by writing it down, finding a buddy and being held accountable. This chick finds it easier to be held accountable by someone that understands similar struggles.  Not saying my husband doesn’t understand, but finding a group of ladies and talking to friends that have similar daily lives helps tremendously.  And the kids, well, they are kids.  They can really care less most times.  Heck, they are happy when I don’t complete my list.  It gives them a bit more time to finish their own.  

Have a little fun while tackling your to-do list.  We can’t get out of taking care of errands, cleaning our homes, etc.  So, turn on some music, dance, laugh at the all crazy stuff you find around your house and just have a good ole time.  Find yourself an accountability partner or group that understands the struggles, but will also encourage you to get your butt in gear!

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