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Are you trying to plan some fun with your family or friends this summer? As you plan, you’re looking at your bank account, trying not to go broke keeping the family busy.  First of all, remember NOT to overbook your summer ripping and running.  It’s ok to let your kids be bored at home.  But, before you head out on a few outings, be sure to check out saving on your family’s summer outings — no need to pay full price all the time.

Groupon is a great site to find some great deals on things to do and places to eat in your local area and even for vacations.

How We Got Started Saving On Our Summer Outings

We started using Groupon after our move to DC last summer.

I told hubby about it forever ago, but he didn’t listen to me.

Our household goods had not arrived, and we were eating out a lot.  As we searched for local restaurants, he came across a deal for a local restaurant near our home.

He fell in love with the savings, and we now do a quick search before heading out for family dinners.  Hey, we have a family of five and these jokers can eat!  So every cent saved is a bonus!

Date Night Savings This Summer

We went out for date night with a few friends.  Came across a Groupon for Dave and Busters!  SCORE!  We all saved on our tokens and had a blast!  I believe the menfolk enjoyed themselves more than us ladies.

Heading out to a local restaurant for a date night is fun and a great way to explore your town.  Our date night at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Alexandria was lots of fun.  We caught the train and all.  No, we didn’t save on that date, but we had a blast.  The savings from previous outings kept those extra dollars on the date night budget line.

Don’t Worry About Others Judging You Because Want To Save On Your Family’s Summer Outings

Now, I know some of you are thinking…”Really?  I just go out when I want to go out!”  “I don’t want to seem cheap to my friends, so there’s no way I’m going say no or let me check a savings app for dinner or activities.”

Don’t worry about being judged!  You gotta worry about your current finances and financial goals.

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Those Dreaded Summer Words – I’m Bored

We all know the kids will say, “I’m BORED!”

Mine said it all the time. I’m bored, and I’m hungry.

“Child, please.  Go somewhere!  You do NOT eat this many times on a school day.  Don’t start it now!”

After a couple of years of hearing those words every summer, I got ahead of the game.  “Bored?  Here’s a bucket with soap, toothbrush, and rag.  Go clean my baseboards!”  My house had the cleanest baseboards on the block!

They don’t utter those words anymore.  And as much as I believe in NOT overbooking summer, I do believe in getting out of the house.

Trust me; we won’t be doing something every day.  Nope, not doing it. They better use our community pool that the HOA fees pay. But we will enjoy and explore our city.

Save On Summer Outings For Your Kids

Plan a few outings with your kids this summer without going broke.  The best kind of fun is FREE fun!  You and I both know, we can’t go the entire summer without spending a few dollars on the kiddos.

Summer Break Outings With Tweens and Teens

Summer break with tweens or teens can be planned out by them.  And you might be surprised. They may want to relax and do nothing!  They may also want to hang out at the mall.  If that’s the case, have them add the rebate app Rakuten to their phone for in-store purchase savings.  It’s also great for online purchases too.  I’ve found my kids are easier to deal with during the summer as tweens and teens vs. when they were younger. They prefer to sleep in over being on the go during their summer break.

Summer Break Outings With Young School-Age Kids

Summer library programs are fun and FREE!  Plus, you can stay cool.  Check out your local movie theater for special summer showings and pricing.  Museums are fun outings for younger kids too, especially hands-on museums.  Bowling is also a fun outing.  See if there’s a location near you offering FREE Bowl!

And don’t forget the good ole fashion outing — your very own backyard.  Water sprinklers are fun and your lawn is getting watered at the same time. Waterplay also helps keep everyone nice and cool. Have a good ole game of kickball or badminton with the family or invite friends over to have a tournament. Your tweens and teens may even enjoy this!

Military Families Savings This Summer

If you’re a military family, ask if the business has a military discount.  There are many businesses out there who give a discount daily.  Some may have specific dates or times.  Hey, if you don’t ask, you may not know.  You can always check out discount military sites for information.

Savings site for military families


Another great option to help your family save is Veterans Advantage.  You can find savings for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Enjoy and save on your family’s summer outings this year!  Don’t stress yourself and don’t break the bank!  And DON’T overbook your schedule!  The kids can be bored for a few days this summer.  They will be ok.  I promise!

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