1. “There are times I pray about things and tell God I need him to slap me in the face with the answer. ”

    So no lie, I tell God all the time “Lord, if you’re trying to give me a sign, I need you to slap me in the face, because I’m not getting it”

    How amazing is our God to give you that sign. Especially when he didn’t know your faith. It’s so encouraging and makes me strive to be better about listening to his promptings and hopefully being a blessing for others.

    • HAHAHAHAHA. YES, it’s like ok, am I missing it, just slap me. Hubby said the exact thing about Caleb and him not knowing our faith. We literally walked up to get in line to board. We were all so tired and out the blue, this wonderful young man appeared and engaged us in conversation. I’m going to put his note in my office as a daily reminder.

  2. Moves can be so hard, but from HAWAII – you go girl!!!! That’s a long move 🙂 We just moved a couple thousand miles and met our realtors at the closing, too 🙂 It must be a military thing 😉 Hope you guys are getting settled in!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey. I look forward to reading more.
    It’s definitely been an adventure and you’ve had your share of stress.
    I’m excited for you to share more of your life in DC

    • Thank you for reading Cindy. I also want to think you for joining this journey from day 1. Trust me, when I say I kept a smile from the outside looking in but was JACKED up on the inside. lol

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