1. Kemi

    Nice read! I actually don’t mind summer time because that’s when I actually get some “me” time. During the school year, I’m very involved with different activities in the school and I volunteer in my kids’ classrooms many times each week. Right after school it’s homework, which is a lot of work, and off to after school activities like soccer, basketball, etc. Then cook, get them ready for bed, and prepare lunch for the next day, get snacks ready, and so on. I am always spent everyday.

    But once summer rolls around, I have a schedule in the mornings for school work time that I do with them at home, and then we go to swim lessons after that. After we get back home and they are fed, it’s my turn to have my “me” time.

  2. This is awesome advice, as kids get older we can push them away with always being in their face.

    It’s great to guide them, but when you force, they rebel.

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