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School is almost out for the summer. Kids are excited about sleeping in and not having homework. We’re excited too, but know that at week two we’ll be ready to send everyone back to school. So, what do we do as parents to keep the kids from driving us insane? Schedule summer activities to keep the kids busy! Cause allowing a little boredom in their life is horrible…..come on ladies.  Say it with me, ” DON’T OVER SCHEDULE YOUR CHILD’S SUMMER BREAK!”  

Summer camps and activities are great for kids. BUT, we sometimes over schedule their summer break, and this causes us to overbook ourselves. And this my friend, is a problem. Because now, no one is enjoying their summer break.

Boredom is a great problem to have, and the kiddos will one day wish for a little of it. We all know we want boredom from time to time.  You know it’s true!

Don’t get me wrong. Having plans is great! Just don’t fill the entire summer with nonstop activities.

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DON’T YOU DO IT! Don’t Over Schedule Summer Break

Every minute of summer break doesn’t need to be accounted for!  Don’t over schedule summer break! Why? It will be the repeat of previous summers.  Stomping through the house, mad at everyone living in the house, telling your husband how you didn’t have time for YOU and telling your friends how busy you were and didn’t get a chance to relax.  Hmmmm….hard truth.  YOU made that decision.

Let’s talk about why my family is excited about summer break

Sleeping in – No alarm clock needed and no yelling at kids to hurry up. And yes, teens need that extra push too.
No schedule – The kids are happy to go about their day leisurely. There’s no hustle and bustle to get to practice, games, performance, etc.

Yeah, don’t you ever put your lips together asking me to be anywhere that requires me to leave my home before 9 A.M. during summer break!

A couple of years ago I asked the kids what they wanted to do.

Procrastination Jonz: NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I just want to relax. I’m tired. Maybe go to the mall or local amusement park later during the break. But right now, please don’t make plans. Let me be lazy for a while.
Equestrian Girl Forever: Sleep. Go to the barn for extra rides, but I want to sleep and get up whenever I get up.
Fashion Diva Girl: Rest, shop, play outside and clean. But I’m going to sleep in.
Carlos: After a long hard stare he just walked away and went to his dog bed.

So, you see. Other than DadJonz who has to get up, we all welcome the lazy days of summer break. I bet your family has similar feelings. Take some time off from a hectic schedule and just enjoy the sunshine and relax.

How To Avoid Over Scheduling Your Child’s Summer Break

Ask your kids what they want to do. Plan a few outings and have fun, but there’s no need to run yourself into the ground.

Summer break is a time for everyone to recharge their mind, body, and soul.

I will share a few ideas to help you survive this summer break in an upcoming post.  Cause honey…..we are in this together.  My number one mission to remind you that there is no need for you to go CRAZY BUSY trying to keep your kids entertained this summer.

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