Date Night At Hank’s Oyster Bar Alexandria Va

Raw Osyter Bar at Hank's Oyster Bar Alexandria
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hanging out with hubby after dinner at Hank's Oyster Bar. I need to learn where to look during selfies. lol

It happened!  Hubby and I finally went out on a much-deserved date last Friday!  Between our move, getting settled, him starting his new job (school) and the girls starting and settling into their new school it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.  BUT this past Friday we went out on a date!  Hubby came home talking about an oyster bar a co-worker told him about.  So, he made us reservations and off we went to Hank’s Oyster Bar Alexandria Va.  I recommend reservations, especially on a Friday night!

Fashion Diva Girl was prepared to assist me with my style, but I was already dressed when she got in from school.  Of course, she had a few things to say about my outfit cause she felt I was too casual and trying to be a hip teenager again.  Girl, whatever.  I’m feeling and looking good!  This date was all about enjoying Old Town and having fun with my Sugapie.

Taking public transportation for date night while living in the city

We decided to take public transportation and enjoy our evening.  Naw, we don’t get wasted, but we believe in being responsible, and we both wanted to have a couple of cocktails.  And while we are talking about cocktails.  Maaaaaaannnnnnn……The Punch Special at Hank’s Oyster Bar Alexandria Va was the RIGHT STUFF!

Taking public transportation in the city is the way to go.  No worries about parking or being towed.  We hopped on the Fairfax Connector, to the Metro Station.  A few stops and we were in Alexandria!  A little stroll holding hands, talking, laughing and spotting a few other restaurants we will try.  Of course, I will share them with you!

So…we arrived at Hanks.

This punch special was yummy in my tummy.  Yes, I had a couple of these jokers.  So, if you head out to Hank’s, be sure to order it while it lasts!

Raw Osyter Bar at Hank's Oyster Bar Alexandria

First up were the appetizers and cocktails. We gave the raw oysters a try.  I won’t lie, I wasn’t feeling this at first, but with their ice bar special, we gave them a try.  Repeat with me, “DELICIOUS!” 

Good food at Hank's Oyster Bar Alexandria Va

Hubby ordered the lobster roll, and I ordered the fried oyster dinner.  Very filling and yummy in our tummies for sure.  After dinner, we were served a little dish of chocolates with our check.

We were not ready to end our night, so we took a stroll down to the waterfront and just took time to reconnect with one another.  Life has been nonstop with us since our move.  Nothing new, as this is part of being a Navy family.  We’ve been in this game for a while, so the family rolls with all the punches.  But after a few weeks of the hustle and bustle, we realized we needed a little date night.  Every married couple needs a little time away from the kids, no matter how old they are.

Old Town Alexandria will be frequented often as well as grabbing some oyster specials at Hank’s Oyster Bar!  We will have to give the other locations a try too.  The customer service we received in Old Town will keep me returning for sure!

How often do you get out for a date night with your spouse?  It’s a great time to reconnect and remember why and what you love so much about your spouse! And yes, our kids were sitting up waiting for us.  Girl….you are not my mama!

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  1. Nice!! That looks yummy! Date night with my hubby is one of my favorite things to do! We are so due for one. It’s been hard to do with a new baby. Can’t wait till next month when we can get a sitter!
    I still remember our double date to Hardrock Cafe in Japan. Good times!

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