1. I’m glad you shared this. I so love that your daughter does her hair in so many creative ways. Dang I wish I could do all that with my hair lol

    I’m not making light of the topic at hand. I think it’s great she loves her crown and enjoys different ways to wear her hair. She embraces what’s normal for her. I appreciate that you by example embrace being you and she has such freedom to be herself.

    I’m saddened others don’t embrace our ‘normal’ is different for each of us.

    When I was little I used to love playing with my little black girlfriend’s hair and they loved playing with mine.I always thought theirs was a lot softer than mine.
    We didn’t have any trouble accepting our hair was different and it was just fine with us.
    Even then it was the adults that got all snarky about stuff like being normal.If ya weren’t made just like them you wasn’t acceptable.

    My grandson, Leyden and I do have conversations about race. More so now!
    He has a friend that hangs out with him at his dad’s house on the weekends.
    My granddaughter has a black boyfriend and Ley’s friend was making some comments that I heard about in regard to Shay’s friend.
    I came unglued on him and told him if I ever heard him talking that way again, he’d go home or I’d take Ley back to my house. He hears stuff at home & repeats it but you know he doesn’t repeat/disrespect anymore and I don’t mind being around him.
    I wish it was always this simple but I hope what your sharing catches on and more people speak up about it being so awesome to be different and ourselves.

    • Our “normal” is oh so different. And we sometimes forget that and forget to accept one another and one another’s differences. You go girl for letting that kid know. We are always trying to be “politically correct” vs being honest and speaking up when we see wrong. Thank you!!!!

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