Define Self-esteem

Define self-esteem for kids - happy kids

I decided to ask my children to define self-esteem.  My middle daughter replied, “It has to do with bullying.”  My eldest replied, “confidence, being ok with self, loving yourself.”  My youngest replied, “hmmmm….something to do with plants.  You know, they have stems!”  I immediately began rubbing and shaking my head.  Being the mommy I am, we stopped to discuss vowel …

I’m Skinny And LOVE IT

I'm skinny and loving it

My name is Sybil; I’m a mother of three, and I wear a size 0.Ohhhh……What did you just think? Was it pleasant or was it negative? Yep, I’m a skinny lady and love it! However, many people have a lot to say about skinny people.  Yes, skinny people are victims of body shaming.