Just Be Kind – It Goes A Long Way In Life

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Throughout life, we all encounter unpleasant people and situations.  As a mother I watch children and adults walk around with chips on their shoulders.  I ask, “how hard is it to just Be Kind?”  Seriously, how much energy will it take to teach our children to be kind to others?  How much energy does it take for us as adults to show a bit of kindness to the next adult?

Being Kind Is Simple Or Is It?

We think being kind to others should be simple, but it really isn’t.  Why?  We are humans. We have a difference of opinions, goals, expectations, tolerances, and lifestyles.

Have you ever walked into a grocery store and the cashier is just nasty to you for no reason?  I’m sure you’re shaking your head YES!  We all have. How do you respond? I bet you’re saying that you go off, tell a manager, etc.  Did you ever think to just show a bit of KINDNESS back instead? Maybe flash a smile, ask how their day is going.  Tell them to have a good day as you walk away.

Trust me; I get it.  You want to jump across that counter and ring their neck, but that’s not the example your child needs to see.  When I think of my own kids’ actions, it reminds me how they’ve witnessed my handling of situations with others.  Yes, I’ve acted a fool before.  And yes, I had to check myself.  I promise you, though, I’ve gotten much further in life by showing kindness to the nastiest of people. Truth is, these people need to see a little bit of compassion.  These people may have a struggle, a situation, or a life changing event going on. These people may need a little bit of sunshine in their lives. And you my friend was placed there to be their sunshine for the day.

Being Kind Goes A Long Way In Life

Teaching Our Kids To Be Kind

Besides our children watching how we treat others when crossing paths with others, we must also instill ways to encourage them to step up and be kind.  Kindness doesn’t always have to be reactive. The best kindness is when it’s proactive.  What do I mean by this?

Being proactive with kindness means stepping out.  Get out of your comfort zone or out of your “group.” Talk to your child about offering the new kid at school a seat at lunch time, or to join in for a game of kickball at recess.  Did you catch the key word?  TALK.  For our youth to understand and demonstrate kindness, they need to visualize it AND hear how to go about it.

I have daughters, and my middle daughter LOVES writing her little friends notes.  She’s even stepped out to write a child that appeared to be a bit lonely a letter a few times.  We are a military family, so my kids are the new kids often.  When I asked the reason for writing the note to the “lonely” kid, my child responded, “I know how it feels.” Although it broke my heart, it also warmed it.  My random acts of kindness stemmed from this very conversation with her.

You, STOP Being A Jerk

Yeah, I said it!  Stop walking around thinking and acting like this world owes you something.  Honey, this world doesn’t owe you a thang!  And with a bad attitude and a chip on your shoulder you’re making your life miserable.  

Your mistreatment of others won’t get you far in life and if you think it has gotten you far, trust me, you’re in for a rude awakening sooner than you think.  Be kind to someone, be kind to your neighbor, be kind to your husband and try to be kind to your kids (I know, they make you lose your mind).  But, being kind is free and being kind makes a difference. Being kind also starts at home! 

Be Kind to others. It REALLY does go a long way!

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Know You, Be You, Love You


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  1. This is such a good article! I totally agree that it doesn’t take too much to be kind to everyone.

    1. Thank you. It’s much easier to be kind than nasty and mean all the time.

  2. Teaching kids to be kind should be the first thing we do as parents. Thinking of others instead of ourselves.

    1. YES! I always tell mine to think of others, help others. There’s a happy balance of doing these things, but learn to be kind always!

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