Classic Denim For Kids Without Breaking The Bank

Shop for denim for your kids without breaking the bank
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Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

Denim is a classic.  I mean, you CAN’T go wrong with having denim in your family’s wardrobe.  I also know that finding a great pair of jeans, cute skirt or dress can also be very difficult and pricey for growing kids.  I don’t mind dropping a nice penny on my denim cause I’m not going to out grow them in a month, but for my little ones…hmmmmm…….it hurts!  So, where can you find a good deal on those classics that everyone should have in their closet, even kids?

Have you heard of Crazy 8?  They are part of the Gymboree and Janie and Jack family.  It’s ok if you’ve never heard of them, that’s why you are going to continue reading my post.  🙂

So, I came across this store as I aimlessly walked through the mall a few years ago.  It was one of my mommy “I NEED to get out of this house” days.  I packed up my toddler, infant, and stroller and headed out to the mall.  Procrastination Jonz so very nicely walked along side me playing with her baby sister as we wasted time randomly having small talk with the little ladies speed walking around the mall.

As we paused in front of a store, she darted toward it.  “GIRL, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!  GET BACK OVER HERE!”  Ok, that isn’t really what I said, but I’m sure I told her, “NO! Get back over here!” She didn’t, and I had to go in behind her.

To my surprise, this store had everything I could ask for, and the prices were spectacular.  I want my kids to look good, but not break the bank!  It’s important to set and stay with a budget when shopping for your kids, and Crazy 8 allows you to get more for your bucks.

Shop and Save On Denim For Kids

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Denim Jacket
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We have three little divas, with the youngest being a true FASHIONISTA!  Luckily I can still shop for her here.  She’s been asking for a denim jacket to set off her style.  Yes, her words.  With the new denim collection and washes, I can’t go wrong meeting her fashion needs!  And not only are you keeping them stylish but you are helping them feel good about who they are.

And not only am I  keeping her stylish but I’m helping her feel good about who she is!

Check this store out for your Diva or Gentleman.  Great fashion and prices.

Yes, I was paid for this post.  The story is real, the opinions are mine.  Do I shop here?  Yes!  Go ahead and take a look around, it’s ok to shop via the links shared. Thank you for supporting my mission and my family. 

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  1. I love denim jackets. It is a must in every closet.LOL

  2. Hey Sybil,
    Thanks for sharing about Crazy 8. I have never heard of it and your right I had to definitely keep reading to learn more. I have lots of grandkids and Crazy 8 may just be one of the answers I need.
    Thanks gain.

    1. Yes! Great style and prices for any family. We LOVE IT!

  3. Crazy 8 has such a fab collection for great prices. I hadn’t thought of checking them out in a while but you’re post reminded me I should for back to school! Thanks ❤️

    1. Yes! Get those savings for back-to-school.

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