1. Paulette

    Great article and video Sybil! I have learned over the years that I truly have to love myself and take care of myself! No one else can do that for me! Also, I can never get away from me—so I better love me! The older I get, the more I realize I love me and don’t really care if someone else likes me or not, because God loves this hot mess! Can’t wait for the next blog! Great job!

    • Hey there! Thanks for taking a read. You are so right!! We can never get away from self and must learn to love self for sure. As I recorded video 2, I had a little mishap, so it’s a delayed a bit. 🙁 But, the video and post will be ready soon!

  2. So important to know who we are I strive everyday to work on myself inside so I can see a clear path in my life…thank you for sharing I want to be my own cup of joe
    ? ☕

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