1. Thank you for sharing. I very much appreciate keeping it real and telling it how it was.
    I grew up in the midst of a black neighborhood and didn’t comprehend I was different or if there were any differences I was intrigued by them. I had no sense of what was wrong or what the issues might be till much later on.
    I very much appreciate your guest blogger sharing her journey. I’m drawn to follow up with learning more about her journey.

    • I can’t tell you how excited I am about her story and the willingness to share it. Having these conversations benefits so many.

      • I just reread her article again and glad I did. I’m starting a new job and
        I’m getting ready to work in a charged enviroment with blacks and whites and their kids. I’ll be challenged to have empathy and compassion yet stay out of the fray in a negative way.

        • You will do great. You see color, but it doesn’t matter to you and I think that’s most important. Spending time with the kiddos will be oh so fun.

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