1. A really great idea. I have a group for my age group (all us mammas who are sad the mamma journey is coming to an end). It has been awesome to encourage and love on each other as we all ask the question, “What now?”

  2. This post reminds me about a nugget of truth a friend shared with me: When you show your vulnerabilities, you allow others to be vulnerable. When you show that you are not a perfect mom, that helps stop this unrealistic cycle of trying to be perfect and failing and feeling guilty. Great job, Mama!

  3. Wow! This an awesome read and really hits close to home. The group is a hit, the ladies in there have been extremely great (which proves a group of women CAN be understanding and supportive and bond).

    I hope others make it to the group and find (like you said) “you are not alone.” Because we all feel like this and I believe you would be lying if you said otherwise.

    Hears to much success to your group and to your blog! ?

  4. Thank you for starting Mamas and Coffee. You and the other moms/grandmothers have had such a positive impact on my life already. I cry tears of joy of my own for what is happening. I see others lives transformed and mine as well.
    Thank you! Thank you!

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