1. Yikes! this brings back memories of me having to clean up my parents vomit when one of them drank to much, mostly it’s been my mom over the years. Hahaha so kinda the opposite but still I know how you must’ve felt, it is daunting not to vomit yourself.

    • MomJonz

      Oh no!!! I’m sure cleaning adult vomit is worse. I will have to ask my husband to see what he says. lol Yes, he had to clean mine once. YIKES.

  2. My third kid threw up in the middle of the bank floor one afternoon. Full of customers and made a horrible splash sound. It was a very bad day. Fond memories. NOT!

    • MomJonz

      Oh my! That splash is the worse thing ever. And out in public you’re just standing there thinking….do I run out and leave the mess? LOL

  3. Oh my! I had a middle school student throw up in my car before on a trip. I felt bad for him but I just couldn’t clean it up. I was like… Take your time but you’re going to have to clean this up! If it were a young kid, I could have done it but a teenager… sorry, you’re on your own. haha.

  4. Ugh, sorry momma! My daughter threw up all over me on Saturday so I feel your pain. I don’t know at what point I will handle vomit like a champ but I’m not there yet and still gag as she is throwing up!

    • MomJonz

      Oh my! You’re experience is still very fresh. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  5. eeeeeeee, this happens to me time and again, when my kid had throat infection but I understand her situation and asked to rush to the basin.

    • MomJonz

      Yes, get there if you can. Cleaning it up off the floor…YIKES! When they are little, they just can’t help it, but it’s still not the greatest feeling.

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