1. Such a wonderful post & I loved that great video as well, which could relate me very much being a mom of 2 kids. Honestly everyone wants to be a perfect mom & patience is what gets you there.

  2. Rosey

    The perfect mom is the one who loves her children, protects their best interests, and keeps them safe. There’s a ton of us out there, even though we are by no means perfect. 🙂

  3. We should definitely cut moms some slack, they do the best that they can with what they have! I know this was meant to be sarcastic or funny, but it speaks so true to how moms really feel!

    • MomJonz

      When I first became a mom, I thought there was such a thing as a “perfect mom.” As time went on, I learned quickly that being a perfect mom is what you make of it. No one knows what to do as mom and that’s ok. Love your kids and be there for them. That’s what you makes us “perfect.”

  4. Elizabeth O.

    If that’s the case then I am a perfect mom too! We shouldn’t question ourselves on how we raise out kids, we try to do what’s best and that it, no judgement needed. Thanks for the good read!

  5. Ouch – That video reminds me of how I acted sometimes when I was expecting company. 🙂 My 5 kids are all grown up and we’re the best of friends. I guess I did something right along the way. At least I’ve always kept it real. Love the video!

  6. Oh, my gosh! I shared that same video about the frantic mom a few months ago! My mom used to drive my crazy because she acted just like that when I was a kid! (Still does.) And I have come to realize that I do, too! lol

    • MomJonz

      ROFL! When I first watched it, that was the first thing my kids pointed out to me. I tried denying it though. HAHAHAHAHA

  7. My favorite line” My lovely daughters make me want to drop kick them at times, and I’ve succeeded not to do so thus far”.I have been there a lot lately with my 14 year old son! But hey I am “perfect” LOL it only crosses my mind I don’t ever do it. Super post I needed the laugh:)

    • MomJonz

      Thanks. LOL Yes, we can think it, just don’t actually follow through. Kids will make you crazy sometimes. lol

    • MomJonz

      Thank you for reading. We get too wrapped on what perfection really is and forget we are perfect being and managing our home our way.

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