You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

  Mamas, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Yes, you read that right!  So many times as moms we feel we are on this journey by ourselves, and no one understands “OUR” situation. I remember when I had my first daughter.  We were living in Kingsbay, GA.  No family nor friends in the area.  We were excited and nervous, but I didn’t …

The Sweet Sound Of Summer

Do you remember that sweet jingle from the ice cream truck?  Oh, yes! That sweet sound of summer came ringing through my door this afternoon. My kids were outside playing with Teddy and Carlos when Fashion Diva Girl (was Sassy Frass and then Debo) came running inside screaming the ice cream truck was coming up the street.


  Do you remember watching parents with their children pre-child days?  Yeah, I’m talking about as you walked through the store alone seeing that mom bending over negotiating with little Tommy or Sally about the chocolate bar or Tonka truck.  The next aisle over you saw the mom that has the kid throwing a tantrum in the middle of the aisle …

Introducing My Family

Before I do any more posts, I think it’s time I introduce my family. Who’s All In The Family? If you read my About Me page, you already know a little bit about me. So, I will begin with my other family members.  We have DadJonz, Sassy Frass, Equestrian Girl, The Softball Chef, Teddy, Carlos and of course MomJonz.