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As a blogger, I must write.  I HATE writing!  I don’t like it one bit.  BUT I do LOVE sharing my story and feel there’s someone out there to benefit from hearing it or may need a good ole chuckle to brighten their day.  It used to take me hours, ok days to write one article because I had to proofread it so many times.  It wasn’t necessarily that I was a horrible writer; it was just that I didn’t always catch my errors the first edit.  That was until a couple of years ago when DadJonz ever so nicely told me about Grammarly.  Why did he tell me about it?  Because he was tired of me asking him to proof my writing.

I’m not the only person in our home benefiting from it.  All of our kids use Grammarly to assist them with writing assignments.  It serves as a quick way for them to check their work one last time before printing to turn in at school.  No, we do not replace them having to proofread and edit their own work, but it is one last check for them to use before the final draft.

Ok, so when DadJonz first told me about this tool that would save me time and headaches, I honestly didn’t want to hear about it and rolled my eyes.  Why?  Because I wanted to pay for everything under my business account myself and this gal wasn’t making much money to add another expense to the plate.

Well, hold up, wait a minute!  It’s FREE!  That’s right!  The World’s Best Grammar Checker is FREE!  There is a premium package you can purchase, but you can start out with the FREE one.  Yo, we all LOVE a little FREE from time to time.

Be sure to watch the video above to learn how Grammarly can become your new best friend for your home's writing needs.

The all-time favorite feature for my kids is the plagiarism check.  Come on now, don't act like you've forgotten how it is when writing a paper for school and your paraphrasing is a tad much like the article or book you are writing about.  This feature also comes in handy for me when I write articles or have guest bloggers.  It gives me an opportunity to do a quick edit and confirm that the article submitted isn't plagiarised.

Don't get caught plagiarizing
There are things Grammarly dings me for, but I let it be, cause it reflects my tone better.  There are also grammar errors that are caught that saves my life.  Commas, commas are not my friend.

Before purchasing the premium package, I was concerned about not getting my money's worth.  Well, my subscription just renewed for the 3rd  year, and I can't tell you how much of an added value it is.  It comes in handy for social media, word documents, emails, WordPress, etc.  So, pretty much anything we do on the computer, I have my editing buddy right by my side.

If you are a school or business, there's something for you too.  That's right, head on over to their support page to learn more about setting up an account for your business or school.

No matter your writing style or your writing level, everyone needs help with editing.  Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, just write.  Practice, share your story and bless someone with your story.  And as you share that story, go ahead give The World's Best Automated Proofreader a try.

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