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One year ago my family landed in sunny Hawaii to begin another adventure.  Before and after arriving one question that many asked and still ask is, “Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?”

The answer to this question is simple.  “No.”  No, as long as you are a United States citizen and have no plans of visiting any other countries leaving Hawaii.

Hawaii is one of the 50 states.  As a matter of fact, it’s the 50th state of the 50 states.  So, it’s like traveling to any other state within the US.  The only difference is you have no choice other than to fly or take a ship there.  No, you CANNOT drive to Hawaii.

There are times it does feel like you’re in another country and many times we slip up and say something about living overseas.  The military does classify it as an OCONUS duty station (overseas), but Hawaii is part of the United States.

Passport Recommendation

If you are military, I recommend getting a passport to travel.  Japan is a fantastic country to visit, and the trip there from Hawaii is shorter and less expensive than flying from the mainland.

If you aren’t into visiting other countries, there are opportunities to Island Hop.  And that brings us to the question again, “Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?”  And the answer again is, “no.”  All the islands of Hawaii are considered as one state.  The wonderful state of Hawaii.

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Hawaii has a lot of history and beauty.  Traffic can be insane, but the scenery and Aloha spirit will ease your mind to enjoy the bumper to bumper traffic.  It never fails that a beautiful rainbow appears as we chill in gridlock traffic.

Do I Need A Passport To Go To Hawaii

In closing, let me stress one last time.  The short answer to the burning question of “Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?”  “No!”  If you are just visiting for vacation and you are a US citizen, you will NOT need a passport.  If you are going to be stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years and ever wanted to visit Japan, I recommend grabbing yourself a passport and make that Japan vacation a reality.  Just don’t limit yourself to Japan, either.  Grab that passport and start traveling the world! 


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