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A row of houses on the side of a street.

Do you know your neighbors?  Do you speak to your neighbors?  As a child, I remember my mom chatting it up with our neighbors.  They would chat in the yard, head to the porch and even head inside to sit on the couch to relax and continue the conversation. Everyone was actual friends, and they each had unspoken permission to put a child in check. Now that I’m an adult I rarely see this happening.

What happened to the days of showing hospitality and opening our doors to our neighbors?  Inviting them over for coffee, tea, wine or water.  Yes, you can just invite your neighbor to hang out and offer them a glass of water.  There’s no need for a whole spread.  As a matter of fact, the impromptu invites are the best.

We have neighbors that we wouldn’t be able to identify if our lives depended on it.  We don’t know their name, couldn’t report who lives in the home, no clue about anything about them.  Why have we gotten to this point?  Are we living in that much fear of getting to know others or allowing others in our space?  Maybe it’s living under the impression of perfection? Perhaps we’re just too busy with our own lives that we feel there’s no need nor time to get to know our neighbors?

I love stepping out with friends, but opening my home or being invited over to a neighbor’s house gives an extra insight of who they are.  People are comfortable in their environment, aka home.  When you walk into someone’s home, it’s a quick glance at who they are.

Knowing that there are opportunities to sit, converse and laugh with the people right around me helps me feel a bit more comfortable in my home.

Having kids and knowing my neighbors go well together.  My kids know they can knock on our neighbor’s door if they need something.  It’s given me the opportunity to get to know my neighbors a little better as well.

Be neighborly.  Say hello, ask about their day.  Knowing your neighbor is a good thing!

Naw, I’m not going to leave you hanging.  We are going to talk about ways to get to know your neighbors better or ways to engage your neighbors more.  Trust me; I’m working on this my self.  I do invite neighbors over, but there’s room for improvement for sure!

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Do you know your neighbors?  Do you think it’s important to get to know them?  Please share your thoughts with us.

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