Listen To Your Kids-They Do Know Best (Sometimes)

Kids Know Best self care is great at all ages
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If you’re like me you do not believe kids know best about their lives. They are still young, learning and need guidance.  Well, sometimes kids DO know best.  We don’t always want to listen to them, but we must admit when they are correct.

It’s Spring Break, and I wanted to hit the Island for some fun in the sun.  My lovely children have other plans. They just want to lounge around the house ALL week.  They don’t want to do much at all; they just want to stretch out on the couch and watch T.V. every day.

You know it!  I was HOT!  Really kids?  Let’s hang out and have some fun.  We live in Hawaii for goodness sake.  And it’s ALL still brand new! Let’s get out and explore!

After chatting with Procrastination Jonz, I realize our kids need rest.  From October to now the Jonz Family has been nonstop.  Heck, before then we ran nonstop.  Procrastination Jonz played softball for three different teams (one being travel ball).  Equestrian Girl Forever was busy with shows and Fashion Diva Girl, well, she was herself.  And oh, I didn’t mention school work.  Well, I’m sure you already knew academics were in order.

Kids Know Best – Procrastination Jonz Makes Her Claim

Procrastination Jonz came to me stating that she just wanted to lounge and do nothing all week.  She wanted to stretch out and watch The Golden Girls.  She wanted to be able to chat with her friends during the day when they got in from school like they used too.  The time zone difference doesn’t allow them to catch up daily.

It’s important to maintain friendships and this is something we teach our children from an early age.  We were against giving our kids cell phones, but it’s been a lifesaver with all of our moves and friends across the world.

Kids Know Best – Equestrian Girl Forever Makes Her Claim

Equestrian Girl Forever just wanted to sit and do nothing.  She just wanted to watch her horse videos all day and catch up on reading her horse books to become a better rider.

Kids Know Best – Fashion Diva Girl Makes Her Claim

Fashion Diva Girl said she needed to shop, but also didn’t want to have to rush getting herself dressed every morning.  She just wants to relax and shop.  Oh, you will have to come back and read all about her shopping experience.  Boy, oh boy.

I Was Taught A Valuable Lesson – Kids Know Best About Needing Rest

So, parents.  I was taught a valuable lesson here….sometimes, our kids DO know best.  They know when their little bodies need rest.  AND WE NEED TO LISTEN.  Repeat after me…KIDS KNOW BEST, sometimes.

Luckily we didn’t plan a getaway.  Trust me, if we did, they would’ve gotten their butts on that plane and went. So, if Spring Break is coming up for you, stop and ask your kid(s) if they want a week of fun or if they just want to relax to rejuvenate their minds and their bodies.

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  1. My mom always used to call it “down time.” She knew I just needed time to just be and not go-go-go. She always encouraged me to go read a book for down time, which can be very relaxing.

    1. All kids need rest and something for themselves. Something they love and can clear their minds.

  2. I find that when I was a kid I had way more free time to just be, but today’s generation of kids are so busy. I’m glad to read you listened to what your kids needed and allowed them to just be kids. ?

    1. Yes, I think kids busier schedules than we did. That is one thing for certain I try to manage. I must admit this move took a lot more out of me than any other before, so I enjoyed the relaxed spring break.

  3. Yeah sometimes we brush kids to the side, and every now and then we need to listen to them. In the long run it can do some damage to em. Great article

    1. We really do. Taking that few minutes to hear them out sometimes is good.

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