Be Proud Of You!

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Be proud of you.
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It’s ok to be proud of yourself and shout it from the mountain tops! Don’t feel that you should be ashamed of your accomplishments (no matter how small or large) or where you came from. We tell our kids to be proud of themselves, but do we realize how much they mimic us? That’s right! If we aren’t patting our selves on the back or sharing our successes, why do we think they will?

I do a LIVE video every Monday morning in an amazing Facebook Group and the topic this week was: You Should Be Proud of YOU!  You can take a peek as I shared it on my fan page for those outside of the group to view, cause I believe others need to hear it.

We all have people in our lives that will consider others are boasting or being self-centered cause you talk about your accomplishments.  PLEASE!  That’s not your problem, that’s theirs.  Again, if you don’t share the good news or excitement about your dreams and accomplishments who will?

You have one life. Live it and be proud!

Take a moment to watch the video.  Yes, I go offtopic a bit, but I believe in interacting with my viewers.  But, it’s real and raw folks!

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Life is short, and WE all need to take a moment to reflect on our day and our lives.  Where did we begin?  Where are we now?  Where do we inspire to be?  WE, that includes me too.  Don’t get it twisted; this gal has room for improvement also.

Be Proud of your accomplishments
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Tell us one thing you are proud of?  Go ahead and give yourself some props!  You did it, be proud of you!

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  1. Hello darling, I loved the video blog! I totally agree with the message “be proud of yourself”. There’s a thin line between being proud and conceited/ thinking ones better than another. That’s what those that don’t agree with the message struggle with. Lex asked what I was watching and I told her it was you. She sat down and watched for about 5 mins, but you already know how you go on and on?.

    1. Thank you! HAHAHAHA. Yes, I get going. Especially when I do the LIVES in my group. And this was downloaded from my group. I’m working on cutting it short. Lol But, the ladies in the group keep me chatting it up. I used to be afraid to share my accomplishments because others would say…oh, you’re bragging or being conceited. No, I’m just proud of my hard work. So…work it girl!!! Tell Lex not to cut me off, she better listen. ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHA

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