The iPhone Case Saved My Child

iPhone case making life easier.

I have a tween daughter.  If you have a tween son or daughter, I’m sure you understand the pain.  And if you have a female tween you CAN REALLY relate.  This child of mine is always complaining about not having easy access to her money at school or when she’s out and about.  I found a great iPhone case for …

Meet Carlos The Maltese

  Are you ready to meet Carlos the Maltese?  I hope so, cause Carlos is going to share some of his adventures and antics with you. Carlos is our crazy little Maltese that we rehomed while stationed in Japan.  He was 5 months old when he came to live with us. His original owner was an active duty sailor and …

The Sweet Sound Of Summer

Do you remember that sweet jingle from the ice cream truck?  Oh, yes! That sweet sound of summer came ringing through my door this afternoon. My kids were outside playing with Teddy and Carlos when Fashion Diva Girl (was Sassy Frass and then Debo) came running inside screaming the ice cream truck was coming up the street.

My All Time Favorite Pencil For Back-To-School

********Updated August 2020******** No matter what grade your child is entering, they MUST use a pencil. You can get away with not sending a binder or backpack (I highly recommend sending a backpack, though. ‘Cause they usually send home lots of important papers) on the first day. However, it’s a wise idea to send at least one pencil and notebook.

He’s Going To Pass Out

We are on our first vacation of the summer.  Between Sassy Frass and Carlos, they are going to drive me insane before our first full week.  Neither will sit down! Let me set the scene for you.  It’s HOT!  The temperatures are high 90’s and we’re in the good ‘ole volunteer state.  Sassy loves sitting out on the porch; that’s …