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Distance learning is happening this year. It’s 2020, the school year of COIVD-19, and many kids are heading back to school online. As a matter of fact, some have already started. Our kids have not. Our school system delayed the start of the year by a couple of weeks. So, we will begin after Labor Day.

I guess they are getting their life together as I like to say. And giving us parents time to get ours together too.

How are you handling distance learning?

I see many parents asking other parents about handling distance learning. I’ve been asked this question, and you know what?




I can only speculate how I will handle it. And hmmmm…..in my mind, I have it all together.

But, if you want to keep up on how I’m doing with it, you can always follow me at MomJonz for regular updates. You can catch me going LIVE or catch the replay as I chat about the happenings in my home and how we’re managing all of it.

Keep in mind…my kids will be entering 7th, 9th, and 11th grade. So I don’t have little ones who will require a different level of attention.

And remember…every home and child is different. When your friends, neighbors, or social media buddies are sharing their stories, don’t get bent out of shape if things are falling apart in your home. And don’t get your undies in a wad if another mom has it on lock or losing it. Stay in your lane. Ask them how they are managing it or give them a listening ear.

I will share our experiences via MomJonz FB page how it’s all going up in the Jonz household. And hmmm….there will be the good, the bad and the ugly days, I’m sure.

Traditional school parents are asking homeschool parents how they do it

Well, let me be the bearer of bad news for you. Distance learning and homeschooling is a tad bit different. Distance learning requires your child to log into their school’s dedicated system to be taught by a teacher, communicate with said teacher, and do assigned work from that teacher. Homeschooling is taught by you or within a homeschool pod.

From what I’m seeing, most schools offering distance learning is operating a full-day schedule. Whereas with homeschooling, you can finish within a couple of hours if you choose. Homeschooling also allows you to choose your curriculum and offers a little more flexibility.

Be sure to know the homeschool laws for your state. 

Just keep those things in mind when you’re chatting with homeschool parents. They will be able to give you some good insight and tips, but there is a difference.

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My Best tip handling distance learning

Regardless of how things begin with the new school year, you need to remember something very important.






When you’re ready to yell at the district for the system crashing.


When you’re mad because your child’s teacher didn’t respond to your child in the chat feature.


When no one seems to know what is going on.


When your child is acting crazy.


When your spouse disappears or pretends to have zero interest in what’s going on with school.



Your child’s teacher didn’t sign up to teach virtual school. Many educators are also parents and adjusting their children to this new way of learning. Your child’s teacher will have distractions at home, just like you do.

The entire school system had to cram a crash course in figuring out the best system and roll it out to who knows how many staff members. Yes! They had to shift last March, and they’ve had the summer to figure it out. BUT there are a lot of moving parts and unknowns that we as parents are unaware of.

Bottom line, don’t go in for the throat punch to the teachers right out of the gate.

PAUSE! Walk away! Then tackle the issue with a clear mind and a little grace. And give yourself a little grace too.

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