Words Of Wisdom For High School Graduates From The #MaCs

words of wisdom for high school graduates
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words of wisdom for high school graduates

High School Graduation is here! I love seeing photos shared on social media of all the graduates and reading about their upcoming plans in life.  It took me back to my High School graduation many, many years ago.  I remember the talks from my mom, family, and her friends telling me they wanted to share words of wisdom for high school graduates.

The excitement of being “grown” and doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it was all I could think about.  ‘Cause if you have a mom like mine, you are NOT grown until you have your own place and pay your own bills. And boy, oh boy.  When I left for college, I thought I was grown.  Nope!

The Reason For Sharing These Words of Wisdom

After snapping out of it, I started to think about what the older, wiser me could share as words of wisdom for High School Graduates this year. The reality sat in that our eldest will be graduating in a few years and she will ignore all the wisdom her father and I will have for her.  But, I do believe we have some great family and friends who will have our backs to drive those words of wisdom home.

Yeah moms, not going to leave you hanging out there.  You and I both know that our kids tend to listen a bit more when they hear words of wisdom from others.  Girl, they are the EXACT words we preach!  It’s ok; mine receive wisdom from others better too.

After the bright idea of writing a post, I had to go ask some fellow #MaCs to help me out.  Words of Wisdom came from all directions.

If you’re a high school graduate reading this article, do know your parents only want the best for you and you have a whole group of ladies over at Mamas and Coffee® out here cheering for you!  Trust me. We understand where you are today.  We’ve been in that same spot.

So, let’s start with a few words of wisdom from our #MaCs and then I will close with mine.

This group of ladies is diverse from all angles of life.  We are women living, supporting, laughing, and being real.  Grandmoms, aunties, sisters, mamas.  And no, you don’t have to be a mom to be part of this sea of support and fun.  Just be a woman ready to give support, take support, and laugh.  We love to laugh.

Words of Wisdom For High School Graduates From Our #MaCs

“Truly think about what you want to do after you graduate. Do you want to go to college or maybe a trade school? Prepare yourself and your parents.”

“Don’t waste anytime (took a 6-month break and stayed in Romania and had lots of fun but…) go straight to college, get an awesome paying job, and travel ? ?. Live your life to the fullest.”

“Don’t take yourself too seriously. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you just have to love yourself.
You’re going to do great, and everything ALWAYS works out.”
~Taylor– owner of Accomplished Family Blog

“Get your education while you don’t have to worry or support a family. Enjoy the experience!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.”

“Finish college before kids!”

“Have more fun. Do what you want to do and not what might please other people. Stop worrying about what others think. Try out for the college team. Fear of failure got in your way. Pick different roommates.”

 “Take a deep breath and don’t stress. Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back; they are behind you for a reason.”
~Christina – Owner of Christina’s Cashback Corner

“Be persistent and keep going. You’ll find the path that’s right for you. You’re more than capable of accomplishing whatever you want. Forget the naysayers and just focus. Time flies so fast. Don’t waste it.”

“Your standards are the only ones that matter. Don’t try to live up to anyone else’s.”
~ Erin Hawes Tollett

“Go to school now!!!”

“Do one of the following: join the military, college, trade school.”

“Be okay with being alone. Don’t take on debt. Only put on a card what you can pay off. Learn to budget. Wait a full year before getting married. Start running now. Be healthy in mind, body and spirit.”  I almost forgot the MOST IMPORTANT THING! Your dreams will change! In ten years, high school won’t matter at all. People are going to matter. Experience is going to matter. Get a job doing what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate, travel! Volunteer at animal shelters, farms, and reservations. Join the Peace Corps. When you find what you are good at and your purpose, pursue it with everything you have in you. Work day and night. Don’t ever, ever give up. Keep pushing and look at failure like the chance to try another route. 
~ Hannah – Owner of Nectar of Life

“After college, go STRAIGHT to esthetics school. It will be much harder to do later on.”

“School and friends ok, but remember to keep exercise as part of your life.”

“It’s OK to graduate as an average student. You made it. Do what you love and run with it!
Pleasing yourself far exceeds pleasing others. I promise.”

High school graduates stepping into the real world

Words of Wisdom For High School Graduates From MomJonz

So, let me tell you something.  I came up with the idea of this post before I sat down to write out my bit of wisdom to share with our High School Graduates.  As soon as I posted the question to the fantastic #MaCs, they shared their wisdom.  And, well,  the amazing #MaCs pretty much said it all!

But I will say this, Know You Be You Love You®.  You will have some ups and downs, but always stay true to you and love yourself.  Self-love is important throughout your life.  Remember to Mind Your Business, Mind Your Goals!™  What does that mean?  Remain focused on YOUR dreams. Determine what success is to you and welcome change in your life.  A little change is great for everyone.

So, to our recent High School Graduates remember this

We are all different.  We all have different dreams and paths.  As long as you work for the good, you are doing a fantastic job.  As you enter this new phase of life and you have those trying moments remember these six little words: Know You Be You Love You® and all the words of wisdom from the amazing ladies, aka #MaCs. The #MaCs are cheering for you!  The sky is the limit!

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