1. I agree that we should not let our personal thoughts and feelings intrude on personal stories shared with us. I always believed that in doing so it in some way invalidated the person’s feelings.

    • YES! We often get hung up on what they say as a personal attack to us, when if we listen we could understand it’s their story, their truth, their feelings.

  2. This! Folks no longer listen. I admit I’m guilty of it too when I’m busy it’s hard to really stop and listen because I lose complete focus and it throws me off. But if I’m not doing anything my attention is all yours.

  3. Jay Colby

    This was such an interesting read. Having emotional intelligence is one of the hardest things to acquire in life.

  4. Great advice to keep our own feelings out of someone else’s story. If we do not take the time to listen to other people and only listen to our own thoughts and feelings we cannot be of much service.

  5. I love this post so much! I believe that we rarely take the time to truly listen and hear another person’s story. We have to take more time to dig deeper and really get to build quality communication in our lives!

  6. Crystal Lewis

    Super deep!!! The only time my child dives deep is if I say no to something. Lol! But yes, society has become a place where we try to convince others of why they should think like us instead of accepting what people say.

  7. I love the quote from Ms. Yellen above. It’s true that no human has a monopoly on truth. That’s a good point to keep in mind when discussing opinions.

  8. Listening and hearing are definitely different things. It is a habit to take what someone says and make it about you instead of learning about them.

  9. Kiwi

    Sometimes we should just learn to listen to people with no judgement and be a little empathetic. I am learning to do this more as I grow.

  10. Sheena Steward

    This was awesome! I definitely wasn’t expecting this from the title lol. I agree every situation doesn’t require deeper understanding. Sometimes we must take people’s answers/thoughts at face value and keep it moving.

    • LOL A nice little twist for sure. When my daughter asked the question, and the conversation went around the table, it made me think about how she could’ve tried to dig deeper or “convince” any of us for more. Instead, she took what we said and accepted it. Often we don’t listen to what others are saying….the answer is simple if we would just listen. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Natasha Gallaher

      This was very interesting and totally not what I expected. But sometimes it is better to keep our mouth shut and ears open, because we may just learn something even from our children.

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