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A bottle of water and some food on the counter.

Don’t feel alone wondering if your child(ren) ever listens to you.  Or better yet, wondering if they think before they act? OMG! For the life of me, my three live on planet Pluto.  Wait, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.  Anywho……..  It’s proven, kids live in their own world, and kids do NOT listen.

We do the SAME thing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Why I repeat myself I will never know.  Yeah, some of you are already thinking, “They are just kids!”  Yeah, yeah.  They are just kids, but they will make you lose your mind. When do we start holding them accountable for not following simple, basic instructions?

Close My Door

It’s warm.  It’s warm like every day.  The air is on!  So why are you opening my doors and windows?  You DON’T pay not one bill up in here! You want fresh air?  Well, take your butt outside and play!  No, that is asking way too much.  Why? Because they say, it’s too hot to go out to play.  Hmmmmm…..it’s too hot to keep my doors and windows open!   Yes, we have this conversation every day.  Kids DON’T Listen! 

Clean The Counters Mean To Lift Things and Toss

Clean the kitchen counter.  Now, this one REALLY burns me up.  Each child has a responsibility in the kitchen each night after dinner.  In my mind I’m thinking,  if you are cleaning the counter you MUST lift and toss an empty bottle before wiping that spot of the counter down.  NOPE!  Not mine.  This kid will lift the empty bottle, wipe down the counter and put it back down in the same spot or just wipe around it. REALLY???!!!!!  WHY????? Now she’s crying because I’m fussing about it.  It’s the 5th time this week, and we are only on Tuesday.  So why do you keep doing it?  And yes, I’ve explained and shown her EXACTLY what to do.  Kids DON’T Listen!

A bottle of water and some food on the counter.

You Need To Hush and Stop Touching ME

Let’s not forget the one that can’t or should I say WON’T leave everyone alone.  GO SIT DOWN and HUSH! This child goes nonstop all day long.  From sun up to sun down.  I love the energy, but child, you need to have a chill button.  Can we say BOSSY and opinionated?  No, I don’t want to hear what you think about the plans for today.  Excuse me, do you pay any bills up in here?  Yes, that question is asked once again. This one is also a bit OCD, so there are no worries about an empty bottle or anything else on the counter.   Where is the bottle I told your sister NOT to throw away?  Oh, you threw it away?  I was saving that.  I explicitly told you girls NOT to throw it away during kitchen cleanup.  Oh, but instead of keeping your mouth shut, you NEED to voice your opinion.  That opinion about how long I’ve had this lovely craft idea and that I lack crafting ability.

Let’s not forget when you talk calmly to them at 9 a.m. to inform them to be ready by noon.  This means we are getting in the car and pulling out of the garage at 12:00.  Not standing at the top of the stairs at 11:45 whining about not having enough time to get ready.  Sorry buttercup.  Figure it out, cause we are out of here in the next 8 minutes.  AND you BETTER lotion up!

It’s Simple, Kids Do Not Listen

You can relate, go ahead and nod your head.  Yep, you are NOT alone with kids that do NOT listen.

Pause, guess what?!!!  You didn’t either.  These are minor issues that give us headaches and gray hair, but we get all worked up.  And you know what? That’s ok.  Why?  Cause we want to teach our children obedience and respect.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We yell, we stomp.  But so did our parents.  We all turned out just fine.  As my mom tells me, it’s payback for my misbehavior as a kid.  WHAAATTTTT!!!!!!

So, the next time your little sweet child doesn’t listen to you, remember that you were once a child that didn’t always listen either.  I have been reminded numerous times that my kids DO listen.  During moments that it all counts, they finish strong. When asked about it, they tell me they remember everything I’ve taught them, fussing and all.

And if have younger kids go ahead and prepare yourself now.  They will make you question your parenting skills for a few years.

What is that one small thing that drives you insane that your child(ren) doesn’t listen about?

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