We Are A Stinky Family

MomJonz loading the washer with all of the stinky, sweating clothes.
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We work hard and play hard, but we don't have to stink!

There’s no denying that we are a bunch of stinky people up in my house.  We work and play hard, and since moving to Hawaii, we’ve become even more active and stinky.

Many of our days consist of hanging out at the barn, softball field, pool or gym.  Or should I say, garage?  If we aren’t there, we may be on a hike or chilling at the beach.  Either way, we are active and sweaty.

All of my kids picked smelly, sweating sports to play.  “WHY???!!!!!!  Like, for real folks.”  No matter how well you bathe after sweating as much as we do in the hot sun, your clothes still carry the evidence that you STINK!!!

The Stinky Kids

The barn, well just think of walking into a barn full of horses.  The thought alone stinks, and so you know the clothes have a stench as well. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting at the barn right now as I type this.  Hawaii heat and the lovely aroma of horses on my daughter’s clothing make for a not so pleasant smell on the ride home.

Running around those bases, fielding, and batting take on a whole new meaning of sweating.  Between 3 day a week practices and weekend tournaments, this one child brings a lot of STANK up in here with her practice uniform and game uniform.

Let’s not forget about poolside.  Swimming is my youngest daughter’s sport of choice and getting her to remember that her pool towel and bathing suit need to be washed the same day has been a challenge.  The not so fresh towel smell (not yet mildew, but darn near close) is not my friend.

The Stinky Adults and Dog

Now let’s get to the real STANK folks in my house.  DadJonz is up first. This man’s shirts are soaked after he works out.  Heck, sometimes I think my daughter used his shirt to dry off at the pool.  When I say he sweats, he sweats.

I have never sweated as much as I do now.  The garage workouts with My People bring out some real, hot, stank mess.  Sweat is pouring from everywhere and oh my!  That’s not cute on a lady one bit.  After I stumble home, I literally have to peel every inch of clothing from my body.  A sweaty, stinky mess.

Oh, let’s not forget Carlos.  Carlos loves hanging out in the Hawaii sun.  This joker stretches out every day near a palm.  I swear he’s going to have a heat stroke, but he just doesn’t want to come in until he’s ready.  He loves running around the yard and goes on a few hikes with us.  He’s dirty, and you guessed it, STINKS afterward.

Adding clothes from all of our activities after allowing them to sit overnight. My oh my. Stinky!

With all of us doing stinky events, that means a lot of laundry.  And folks, I don’t want to add these smelly clothes in with our regular, nonfunky smelling clothes.  But at the same time, no one in their right mind wants to let them sit around too long.  Good LAWD!  Instead of LL’s, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” you walk into the laundry room to the tune of “MomJonz’s Laundry WILL Knock You Out!”  Add all of our funk at once can be a little scary.

My Stinky Clothes Solution – Remove Odors From Sweaty Clothes

I came across a company (sister company can be found in links to follow) that offers an earth-friendly product line.  As I researched, I realized they provide cleaning products and pet products.  It was great timing because my children were in the midst of their discussion about ways to save Mother Earth. As their mom, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give a few products a try to encourage them to take care of our wonderful planet.

The laundry additive to remove odors from clothes is AMAZING!  Remember, I said adding ALL of our STANK into the washer at once is a bit scary. Well, I let the clothes sit for one day, so I had clothing from each family member to wash at once.  Yep, I tossed workout clothes, riding clothes, softball and swim gear all into one load.  Added my lovely OdorKlenz® Laundry Additive to the load with my regular detergent and let it do its magic.

YES! I was able to put these clothes to my nose without passing out. Got all the lingering odors out.
Here’s the picture to show you the outcome.  A picture is worth a thousand words

Keeping The Stinky Dog Smelling Fresh

Between grooming sessions, we try to use a gentle shampoo for Carlos, just something to keep him from smelling like outdoors.  The Pet Shampoo is great for those in between or after play/hike baths.  They also have a deodorizing mitt for those quick wipe downs from an outside romp.  I think I would like it as a weekly use to give Carlos a thorough wipe down.  Gotta keep him clean and STANK free!

Let me wrap this up folks, cause ya’ll know I can talk.  In a nutshell, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly product for your home this may be a product for you to try. OdorKlenz® very well may have a product for you.  If you need something for your pet (yes! even for your cat litterbox), clothes, filters, sports and workout equipment to keep it all nice and fresh, check this company out!

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    1. It’s a whole different kind of STANK. lol

  2. These tips are bookmarked worthy! I always wondered why sometimes our “clean” clothes stanked! Thanks for these tips.

  3. After 5 years with a little girl, I had my son 8 years ago. He’s the light of my life, but boys are SO. Much stickier than girls! ?? Thanks for a great post!!

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