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A bathroom with a tub and sink in it

I wanna try something new.  Let’s just call it MomJonz short and sweet blog posts.  The purpose of this is to answer any question from readers, friends or random things I see posted on social media.  The burning questions people want to ask.  I promise, there’s no such thing as a crazy question, so ask me anything!

So, let’s start with this question.   What do I use to clean my shower? We all need a shower cleaner that works on that dirt and grime.

We LOVE bleach in our house.  Something about the bleach smell makes me think CLEAN!

A Shower Cleaner That Works For Me

My favorite shower cleaner is Soft Scrub with bleach.  Yep, I like to squeeze the bottle and design an artistic masterpiece on the shower floor and walls.  Let it sit for about five minutes, turn on a bit of water and get my scrubbing on.  It doesn’t require much elbow grease at all.

My favorite shower cleaner – affiliate link

It leaves the bathroom clean and smelling fresh.  And yes, it makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I have a designated day that I clean bathrooms each week.  Every Tuesday is bathroom day.  Get that toilet and tub shinning!

We live in Military Housing in Hawaii, and the shower and tubs can be a bit difficult to tackle.  But since I’ve started using this, I see a difference.  And yo, I have an active and stinky family.  So, dirt is a major factor up in here.

Do you have a favorite bathroom cleaner that works? Tell us about it in the comments.

If you have a burning question about anything, just send it to me via the CONTACT ME page, and I will answer it here!

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