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I woke up this morning a bit earlier because I told my hubby I was going to work out with him.  But I just couldn’t let go of that bed at 4:30 a.m.  I rolled right back over and went back to sleep.  I woke up as I usually do around 5:45, said my morning prayers and grabbed my phone as usual.  Let’s see if I can get my butt out of bed tomorrow to join him.  Hmmm….probably not.  lol  

My first stop is always to a wonderful FB Group for women.  I saw a post from a beautiful lady saying, “Hey Mamas! In case no one told you today- THANK YOU!  You are doing important work.”  This made me smile and warmed my heart so much.  I commented with a “thank you,” continued to scroll, hopped out of bed, got dressed and off to the races. 

The kids all headed down, and the dash out the door was in full effect.  Fashion Diva Girl sat at the table eating her oatmeal talking about a study guide she misplaced.  Well, as we dug more into this discussion she lost it days ago, and the test is today.  I totally SPAZZED out!

Fast forward, we are driving to school and chatting.  Some of her responses didn’t sit well with me.  Not because she was disrespectful, but because I was already on level 8 with her and I was taking her lack of organization (she’s organized) and lack of care about her test score (she cares about her education) to a whole other level.


I pride myself on raising respectful, semi-obedient and intelligent children.  And HOW DARE YOU fail this test because you are too stubborn to tell me you misplaced your study guide.  HOW DARE YOU not show any emotion as I talk to you about the importance of communicating these things to me and asking for help.  HOW DARE YOU!

But wait.  All of the “HOW DARE YOU’s” are exactly how I respond to matters.  Hmmmm…..her reactions, her responses are just like mine, her mother.  HOW DARE I!  HOW DARE I get all worked up and spazz because my child is behaving like a child, acting her age and acting like me!  BOOM!!!!  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!


Now, I can continue sharing more about this situation, but that’s not the purpose of this post.  The point of this post is the message left on the group’s page.  You see, when I got home and was still 103 degrees hot, I sat down at my computer to start working.  When I went back to the group’s page that same message popped up again.   “Hey Mamas! In case no one told you today- THANK YOU!  You are doing important work.”  Wow!  

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You see, I made that whole situation personal.  I took it to heart cause this is MY child, I love her, and I want the best for her and all my children.  At the moment all I could think about was what the teacher would think about my parenting because my child misplaced her study guide and the possibility of her failing this test.  There was no answer I could give other than…she lost it, and I was unaware until the morning of the test. 

The thought of the teacher thinking my child is unorganized, that my home is unorganized, that I don’t care about my child’s grades because I didn’t even know she had a test or that the guide was misplaced.   There were so many crazy thoughts that went through my mind.  I mean, I can explain her failing a test because she struggled with the material, but this.  I’m a HORRIBLE mother. 

And if you’re wondering how I didn’t know she had a test…I teach my kids to be responsible for their studies at an early age.  This means they are held accountable and have the freedom to study on their own as long as there are no missed assignments nor failing grades.  We begin the independence once they start to receive letter grades, so 3rd grade for us.  Yo, these are their grades, not mine.  I don’t do school work anymore.  I will help when needed, but they must try and use resources first (I will do a post about this for you).


After having my tantrum, I said, “HOLD up one-second MomJonz!  Girl, are you INSANE.  Get YOURSELF together!  YOU’RE A FABulous and PERFECT MOM!  Heck yeah, you’re tough on your kids cause you love them.  You are also fun, cool and EXTRA (per Overly Opinionated Teen)!” Be sure to take a listen to the song above once you finish reading this post (squirrel!  I’m random, but this is a great song).

Where is this thought and worry about what the teacher may think of me coming from?  Why am I stressing about this?  Why am I flipping out like a lunatic?  My child has never misplaced her school work before and is a fantastic student.  And girl, I just did a video about Not Worrying About Everyone Else.  I GOT THIS, and I HAVE AN IMPORTANT JOB and rocking it!


But you see, I’m real, honest and raw.  I have no problem admitting that the things I talk about here, within my social media pages and my FB group are things I’ve struggled and struggle with.

That post of sunshine was shared by a #MaC within a group that I run. Yikes, like as the creator of the group I should have my crap together at ALL times.  No, that’s not real life.  Real life is being honest about your faults, sharing and supporting others when you can.

You see, this group is all about love and support for and from one another.  And I need that love and support just as much as I try to give it.


So, to all my #MaCs…Thank you, love you and continue riding those waves.  Cause what do we say…“WE ARE #MACs, and WE spread love and joy to ALL!  BOOM!!!!!  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!  You never know when your words or smile may be the little reminder someone needs to push through the day.

Now scroll back up to listen to the song and get up and jam!  I sure did, and it brightened my day!  Thanks for being a #MaC!

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