Mini Golf Near Pearl Harbor

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Are you heading to or new to Naval Base Pearl Harbor?  We moved here right after Christmas, the weather was nice, and the kids were ready to head out to explore.  We were all excited about our new adventure and wanted to hit the ground running.  Of course, you MUST check out a beach or two within the first couple of days, but there were a few days I thought it was just a little too cool.  Procrastination Jonz wanted to do a little bit of Go-Cart racing and play Mini Golf.  So, here I am on the search for Mini Golf near Pearl Harbor Navy Lodge.

Ok folks, let me admit.  I FAILED.  I FAILED at taking the kids for a game of Mini Golf and Go Cart racing while living at the Navy Lodge.  Things started moving quickly for us.  DadJonz began working the day after we arrived.  The girls and I explored and started the process of registering for school.  Suddenly, all the regular things that you must do in life settled in.  This caused us to enjoy the down moments when possible.  Trust me; they were far between.

foam rollers
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We moved into our home mid-January and was on a mission to have everything unpacked and put away in three days.  Did I succeed?  For the most part, yes!  I didn’t finish unpacking my shoes, but I got hooked into wearing flip flops everywhere we go.

Everyone quickly jumped into their normal activities of horse lessons, softball and Fashion Diva Girl started her new journey of swim lessons (this is a whole separate post to come).

The week of spring break I planned out our days.  I wanted to hit the beaches, go to some tourists spots, hit up some restaurants, and just have some plain fun.  Not my kids.  All they wanted to do was lounge around all week.

Mini Golf Near Pearl Harbor – Tropics

Thursday night came around, and the kids said they were rested and ready to head out for a bit.  WHAT?!!!!  Yes, I was excited and ready to go.  The one thing they each agreed on was mini golf.

Fashion Diva Girl woke everyone up way too early to go anywhere.  She was ready to play some mini golf for sure.  After convincing (in my not so kind voice) her to leave everyone else in the house alone, I dozed back off.  She believes in waking up early, getting herself dressed and straighten her room first thing each morning.  I love this about her, but let us sleep in a bit when school is out.

Breakfast is cooked and eaten, and we are all dressed and ready to head out the door.  Our first stop was lunch.  The kids loved cooking their own food.  They also give a 10% military discount, so be sure to run by and check Hot Pot Heaven out.

Tropics mini golf near Pearl Harbor
2017 pricing – prices may change

Family Deals For Mini Golf Near Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Now with our bellies full, we are off to play some mini golf.  We pulled up to Tropics, and everyone was ready.  As you see, the prices are reasonable and being Military or Senior Citizen you receive a discount.  We opted to go for the yearly family pass of $55.00.  The pass covers two adults and four children.  You cannot beat this deal.  The kids and I will be heading back often over the summer.

We had some laughs and some oh, my moments.  Lol  Most importantly, we had fun.

Fashion Diva Girl took forever to putt her ball.  She had to plan out each putt.  Talking about a serious player with no skills, this is her all the way.

A little bit of shaved ice after a fun game of mini golf with the family

After all the fun we had to hit up the snack bar.  You already know that someone said they were hungry.  “Hmmmm….you just ate a big lunch. You better get some shaved ice and be done with it!” 

You can find them at:
98-1101 Moanalua Rd.
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

No need to hang out in traffic to get some Mini Golf fun in Hawaii.  Get your Mini Golf near Pearl Harbor.

***This is NOT a sponsored post.  I want to share a fun, reasonable place for your family as you spend time living in the lodge and finding a home to settle.  Living in a hotel room for who knows how long can be stressful, so get out and enjoy a bit of mini golf in sunny Hawaii.***

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  1. awesome, I never been to a good mini golf, the one in my town is rather depressing lol.

    1. I am horrible, but we have lots of fun.

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