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A boy sitting at the table with his birthday cake.

The official countdown for summer break is in full effect! And yo, I won’t even lie.  I’m ready for summer break to begin. Over the past week or so I’ve suggested how to keep your child learning over the summer and how you as mom should have some fun this summer.  Well, this week I want to share some specific fun things to do with your kids in Honolulu.  And being that it’s Hawaii, it year-round fun! 

This is our second summer here.  Our first summer was filled with fresh off the boat attitudes.  But once we moved in our home and the daily grind started I had to remind family and friends on the mainland: “We live here!  We’re not on vacation!”  What does that mean you ask?  As adults in the home, we still work.  And let’s be honest, living in Hawaii can be quiet expensive.  However, there’s a lot of great things to do here that are FREE or deals to get more bang for your buck.  So, fun things do with kids in Honolulu, let’s begin!

  • Wet ‘N Wild – A fun waterpark for the entire family.  It’s not huge, so no worries in losing your kids in the crowds.  Purchase a year pass during their deals, and you’re golden.  Free parking, Free water bottle and more!
  • Beaches – You have beaches galore in Hawaii.  Take the kids to the beach for some sun and fun.  Pack a lunch, water, sunblock, some beach toys and enjoy yourself.  And it’s FREE!
  • Mini Golf – A little fun for the entire family.  Take a read of a post I wrote about it last summer.

There’s so much to get outside and do with your kids in Honolulu, but if you’re like me, there’s only so much sun and sand you can deal with. The one thing I remember asking some of the moms about was fun things to do in Honolulu with kids that DIDN’T require me to be outside all day.  Everyone said, “you live in Hawaii, you are supposed to enjoy the outdoors.”  True, but I need to cool off, and they need to have some fun with peers in a supervised environment without me around all the time.

Well, as I received some unwelcoming news that took my family into a whirlwind, I had to switch gears and begin researching things to get our kids out of the house in our upcoming adventure.

A boy sitting at the table with his birthday cake.

photo: Snapology

What about a little learning and fun rolled in one?  Yeah, I’m that mom for sure.  So, I started searching to see if a location was here in Honolulu that I could do a test run with before moving and there isn’t.  BUT….there’s franchise opportunities!  How cool would it be to own one of the best kid’s franchise and offering fun and education for kids ages 1-14?  Yeah, seeing the offering of activities up to the age of 14 caught my eye because our kids are in the tween/teenage stage and there’s not much for them to do.  You know, they are old enough, but not quite old enough.  They know it all but know nothing.  Yeah, that stage.

Let me tell you what caught my eye the most about SNAPOLOGY and why:

  1. It’s indoors.  Again, Honolulu Hawaii has a lot of great activities to do outside, but it can become hot and let’s be real with ourselves moms….we become irritable with heat. But even if you are not in Hawaii, there’s a lot of great locations to visit or even start a Franchise.
  2. Activities for learning and fun.  Shhhh…..kids are having fun and not even thinking about learning, but they are doing so the entire time.
  3. Fun for a wide age range.  1-14 is a wonderful age range to include.
  4. INCLUSIVE programs.  The programs welcome children with extra needs in all programs.  This is great!  I know families with children that have special needs and they are sometimes excluded from specific activities due to these needs.
  5. Last, but not least. The ability to start a franchise to empower youth.  It’s also an opportunity to become a business owner, embrace your goals and share a gift with the world.

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If you are part of my FB Group, you already know we talk a lot about following our dreams, self-care and enjoying life to the fullest.  What I see about Snapology is one of the best opportunities to do all three. Check out a location near you to sign your kid(s) up for some summer activities and afterschool fun.  If there’s not a location near you, take a look at an opportunity to start one.


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