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May is here, bringing with it the blossoms of spring and a cause very close to our hearts—Stroke Awareness Month. At Mamas and Coffee®, we don’t just sip our favorite brew; we also stir in hearty doses of awareness, support, and empowerment. This month, we’re focusing on spreading the word about stroke prevention and recovery, fueled by the incredible journey of our very own spirited owner—Sybil, a true stroke warrior.

The Heartbeat of Our Community

Sybil, our fearless leader here at Mamas and Coffee®, who you all know for her vibrant spirit and relentless optimism, faced her own stroke battle, stemming from a rare condition known as carotid webbing. This unexpected twist in her health journey has only amplified her passion for living life to the fullest and sharing the importance of stroke awareness with each of you.

What is Carotid Webbing?

Carotid webbing is a rare vascular condition where a web-like formation occurs in the carotid artery, reducing blood flow and potentially leading to a stroke. It’s conditions like these—uncommon yet dangerous—that underscore the importance of understanding and recognizing the causes and risks associated with strokes.

Why Stroke Awareness Matters

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. The statistics are startling, but the good news is that up to 80% of strokes can be prevented. This month, we’re dedicating our platform to educating and empowering each of you with knowledge about risk factors, prevention strategies, and the latest in stroke research.

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Know the Signs: BE FAST

  • Balance: Sudden loss of balance
  • Eyes: Blurred vision in one or both eyes
  • Face Drooping: One side of the face may droop or feel numb
  • Arm Weakness: One arm may feel weak or numb
  • Speech Difficulty: Speech may be slurred or hard to understand
  • Time: If any of these symptoms are present, call 911 immediately

Empowerment Through Prevention

Here are some stroke prevention tips that are easy to integrate into your daily routine:

  • Monitor your blood pressure: High blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Stay active: Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and lowers cholesterol.
  • Manage stress: Take time for yourself, meditate, or engage in activities you love.

Join the Movement

This month, let’s come together to spread awareness and support stroke survivors and their families. Share your stories, educate your loved ones, and remember, your health is your wealth. Let’s not only chat over coffee but also make every sip count towards a healthier, more informed life.

Here at Mamas and Coffee®, we’re more than just a community; we’re a family bound by stories, strength, and the shared goal of making every day count. Let’s embrace Stroke Awareness Month with open hearts and an unyielding spirit of resilience.

Support Sybil’s Mission

You can also support Sybil’s mission of bringing awareness by contributing with a $5 supportation here. Every little bit helps us continue our work in educating and empowering others about stroke prevention and recovery.

Stay strong and sip on, mamas!

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