A Card Goes A Long Way and Means So Much

custom thank you cards
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custom thank you cards

We are all tuned into social media with the ease of sending invites and doing a blanket Thank You to everyone on a list, but do you remember the days of receiving that hand written note or card in the mail?  The smile the card put on your face knowing something special happened in someone’s life or that someone is thinking about you?  A card goes a long way in making someone’s day special, so why not create some custom cards for your family and friends.

Custom Cards - Birth Announcements

Custom Baby Announcement Cards

I still remember the day I sent out baby announcements to all my family and friends.  It was so precious and special not only to me but to everyone receiving it.  It included a photo, date of birth, time of birth and name of my lovely baby.  Something that family and friends could have a keepsake and treasure for years to come.  Instead of this, so many now make that post on Social Media channels.  Trust me, I’m NOT knocking Social Media one bit, cause I’m all over it.  Let’s be real here, I am a blogger, and social media is where I find all the latest updates happening in the world.  Just saying.  🙂

However, what happened to the traditional way of announcing our sweet bundle of joys into the world?  Is it that we are too tired after giving birth or not enough time because of all the diapers and nursing going on?   We just don’t have enough time in our day to address each envelope. Ohhhh….I gotcha covered my friend.  Check it..one, two.  Are you ready?  FREE ADDRESS COLLECTION SERVICE!  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!! That’s right, collect addresses in three simple steps and get free envelope printing.  YEAH, BOOM!!!!  And it’s just not for baby announcements, so no worries if you’re not in the market for baby announcements.

Custom Cards - Thank You Cards

Custom Thank You Cards – Yes, Thank You Cards Are Important To Send

Hubby and I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about how our older generation LOVE receiving hand written notes.  We encourage our girls to send written notes to their great grandparents to let them know they are loved and appreciated.  And most importantly to say, Thank You.  We came up with a fantastic idea to print custom thank you cards.

My kids can be little stinkers sometimes, but they were all about making cards that said, Mamas and Coffee on the front.  Their idea was to use them to send as thank you cards when they wanted to send a note and also for me to use for my group when I send out Random Acts of Kindness. WHHAAATTTT??!!!  Good thinking girls!  BOOM!!!!

Mamas and Coffee Random Acts of Kindness

Custom Card Orders Allow You To Choose Your Design – Don’t Be Afraid

If you’re like me, you prefer just to purchase a pack of cards off the shelf.  You can see them, feel them (if you crack open the box.  You shouldn’t do that).  You know if you like the color, font and card stock.  Heck, this is why I go to a store to buy cards.

I will admit, I’m very indecisive and not the most creative person ever, so being able to customize my card AND have a sample printed before placing an order was a WINNER for sure!  HON~~~~EY, YES!  No more worrying about spending money on custom cards and not liking them. Instead, create your custom cards and place a sample order.  And more importantly for my hubby, no more standing in the store annoyed at me because I can’t decide which pack of cards I want because I’m not fond of the design or color.  Go ahead; you know you’ve been in this same situation.

Send A Card, Share the News, Spread The Joy

So, remember….a card goes a long way and means so much to people.  I can speak on this first hand with Random Acts Of Kindness I do for my group.  When you see someone having a rough time or even when everything seems to be going fine, just send them a nice card to say hello and brighten their day.  I promise you can’t go wrong.

I invite you to check out this site for your next order of custom cards.  Birth announcements, invitations, thank you cards, envelope stickers, business cards and so much more. Go by and check out their site and social media.  YES, I will be ordering all of my Mamas and Coffee goodies here from now on!

Basic Invite 





And yes, I was paid for this post.  However, all opinions are mine, and this story is TRUE!  And if you would like to learn more about my random acts of kindness, hop on over to my facebook group to join.  

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  1. Thanks Sybil! Being a recipient of a card in the mail from you on more than one occasion has brightened my day. Thank you for reminding me how nice it is. I need to share that joy with others as well ??

    1. I am so happy to know it brightens your day. It’s always the little gestures that mean the most. Thank you for joining my journey and all my craziness. lol

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