1. Thanks again for sharing a very pertinent topic! Where I come from growing up and life today, I can honestly say I don’t like some things people do and some ethnicity groups grudges toward me for being Jewish & white skinned but so what! I’m going to love them, speak the truth a lot and try my best to agree to disagree when needed.
    I grew up with black friends, went to school and college with them and we had no issues that were related to skin color. It was and is always about who we are inside that makes us who we are.
    I grew up with a mom and dad who came from small towns and never experienced much of anything and certainly not black people. And you know how stuff gets passed on to the kids.
    Well I’m the rebel of the family. I couldn’t see why they behaved so and had my friends who weren’t white.
    There were 5 of us kids and when we were older and mom would go to the store sometimes she lefts us in the car. (She should never have trusted 5 of us alone without her supervising us)
    There were black people who moved to the small town we lived in. One day while mom was in the store a black family walked by. What did my sister and brother do! Yell nigger and duck leaving me to be blamed. Thankfully nothing happened.It was something I’ll never forget and I wasn’t big enough to beat the sh*t out of them so somehow I dealt with it. Probably more than anything it pushed me to be so totally not behaving like my family!
    The point being the fear and whatever my parents problems were with black people was passed to my siblings. So if we don’t come to terms with the differences of other color or even differences of others we very likely will pass that on to our children.
    Thank you for sharing and making an impact in people’s lives. May others choose to embrace differences.

    • Ohhh….I love you Cindy!!!! I am so glad you shared this cause many people want to ignore that it is a family issue being passed down. Thank you for reading and sharing. I look forward to your comments!!!

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