1. I’m so thankful it was a false alarm, Sybil. Had to be the scariest 38 minutes for you and your family.

    I just started a series on self-sufficiency. After what you went through along with the rest of Hawaii, it does change one’s perspective.

    It’s so important to remain calm as possible.Your right no one probably knows how they will react. With the best plans you can have in advance and for shelter, food, water, family gathering in one place, etc the better. And practice your plan weekly so it’s 2nd nature not just once in awhile. Otherwise fear can set in and we can’t remember a thing we’re supposed to do.
    Obviously you and Dad Jonz had a plan of sorts because you all headed downstairs to the closet with Carlos.

    Probably one of my biggest concerns is for my family like you were Sybil. If something like this happens or some other disaster happens how will I know my parents, kids,grandkids are safe and will we all make it to the location we are supposed to all meet.

    Very thankful you all safe!

    • Love you Cindy. Everything happened so fast when the alert first came through. As crazy as Carlos is, he was running down the hall and down the steps as soon as I said, “everyone, downstairs!” The girls knew exactly what to do and immediately asked about their sister. I was already on the phone calling where she was to ensure she was ok. Then it all just slowed down while talking to family. Mainly letting them know 4 of us were together, but one wasn’t. Then the silence.

      We went out to McDonald’s and had a slumber party with my youngest that night. 🙂

  2. Kara

    Love you MomJonz! I agree there’s something about not having your family together. Amelie is in Louisiana and Leonardo deployed. That was the hardest part for me.

  3. Scary!! I can remember being on the ship and having drills all the time. I was 18 when we had a GQ and this was not a joke. Our valve was off the main forward boiler which took all day to take off and we didn’t have it repaired before we were in GQ. According to reports we did a mission and it didn’t go as planned and Bin Ladin at the time was threatening to bomb any ships in the area. Here we were sitting ducks. The second scary alarm and the one I still have nightmares of was 9/11. I just got off the midnight to 4 am a shift and I was so tired. I don’t even remember me walking to the berthing area. I kicked off boots and fell asleep only to be woken by my good friend and alarms. GQ AGAIN. This time I didn’t tie my boots as I thought it was a drill. I didn’t realize it was real until we seen on live camera the second plane. Then the captain came on and said we were heading back overseas. Just like that. These alarms and drills are scary even when false and when they are the real deal it is hard to wrap your brain around them.

  4. I was in shock about that information Saturday…I actually got the notice from you in the group before I got it on the news.
    I was so happy it was a false alarm….thay had to be so scary.

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