1. Rache

    Well…. you know I’m not drinking the coffee but my mister does! He agrees with you that milk froth is one of the best additives. I like that this one looks easy to clean. We have seen some that leave a mess in their wake.

  2. Mari

    My husband is becoming a coffee snub and on weekends spoils me. Fresh ground coffee, yes we grind it ourselves and usually only use fresh roasted beans (except a few that seem to taste the same even after a long time). I have learned to use the areopress and am learning the “pour over” method. We even have a electric scale to measure the amount of grind and water, I did say my husband is becoming a coffee snub right? I use french vanilla creamer on the really strong tasting ones, but use cream on light roasts, while hubby pours light cream in his. I love the coffee he makes (except the dark roasts ones) but I will still drink the coffee at work on weekdays that has been brewed with a regular coffee pot and pour tons of cream and sugar in it because at the beginning of the day I still need coffee.

  3. Paulette

    I love my coffee with heavy creamer and truvia or stevia! I love it all day long! I am not giving up my coffee–don’t care what anyone says!

  4. Melissa

    Love it! And coffee… don’t even try and talk to me before I’ve had my first cup! Hahaha! I’ve used a small handheld frother before and it does make such a huge difference in the drink! Like it’s an expensive coffee shop drink, but without Starbucks mess it up or burning the milk like normal ??? anyway, I just use a natural almond milk creamer and it’s a perfect sweet, but not too sweet & none of the extra chemicals a lot of creamers have!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There’s something about that first sip of coffee that helps the morning start off right. Although, caffeine does zero for me. There’s something mental about that first sip of coffee each morning. My husband likes the natural creamer too. We had to stop buying the almond for awhile cause our daughter made something with it one day and our youngest has an allergy. Yeah, one of those moments. SMH

  5. Becky Watts

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker but when I do it has to be at least half milk. To have warm, frothed milk would be heavenly. Miss you guys!

    • Hey there!!!! I chuckled at needed it to be at least half milk. I drink mine the same way. lol Coffee with my cream and sugar. We never know where the Navy may send us, it’s always a possibility of heading back that way. Miss you guys too, but not the weather. 🙂

  6. Devora

    Thanks for your blog! I make myself a decaf cofee every afternoon. I add one stevia. I also have the chef star milk frother and love it. Takes minutes. And I feel like I’m sitting in a cafe. I usually call a friend while I’m relaxing with the cofee. I recommend the chef star frother ! It feel luxurious!

  7. Oooh a Milk Frother. Wow!

    I join you in liking my coffee in the morning. I try as I can to make my coffee foamy and frothy like at the coffee shop, I’m faking it all I can LOL
    I do love my morning coffee with my favorite creamer, Peppermint Mocha.
    I wonder how it would taste frothing my hot chocolate with a little schnapps in it LOL

  8. Nikki

    I enjoyed reading this. I love the nicknames for everyone, and this was pretty entertaining. I don’t think I’m ready for a milk warmer, but now I know they exist.

  9. Cindy

    Coffee time is ME time every morning. I’m one of those people that gets excited to go to bed at night so I can hurry up and get my morning coffee!! I like mine with heavy whipping cream (trying to keep it low carb).
    If I’m splurging….. I Love hazelnut flavored coffee.

  10. Erica Kellner

    I used to say I liked my coffee like my uniform…khaki. I’ve since gotten rid of the uniform but I still prefer my coffee the same. I would love to be able to drink my coffee black but I want it to feel like a warm hug….not like it is fighting me.

  11. Jean Ralph

    I am so boring when it some to coffee. I am the only one in the house that drinks it so I sacrifice. I don’t spend a lot of money on it since it is only for me. I typically like it with milk, no sugar (trying to be healthy and junk ). I cherish the 1 cup at 530 am each day before anyone else wakes up. it is my 20-30 mins of solitude to start my day

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