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  1. Yeah for sharing this article, Sybil and thank you!
    I’ve come a long way from accepting hurt from other’s comments and wanting to say really unkind things to them. Yet, I remember how hurtful comments used to be about being skinny and even being called a skinny shrimp for being not only skinny but shorter than most people around me. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make myself eat more than the enormous amount I could eat lol
    I’ve also witnessed the comments about other’s being ‘fat asses’ to their face or behind their backs, saying they sure could eat a lot less!
    Words cause harm and I encourage others to value people a lot more and watch their words.
    For those in process of learning they are just fine the way they are, hold your head up high and love yourself. Your the only you there is and the world needs ya!

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