No, I’m Not Paying You To Clean Your Room

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So, we’ve determined my answer to the question “should kids get an allowance?” Be sure to go over and read that article. Now let’s talk about why we do not associate payment with chores. You read that right. Our kids receive an allowance every month, no strings attached. But, there is a lesson behind it. So, be sure to click the link and read what I said about kids getting an allowance. Anywho….why do we not associate an allowance with chores for our kids?

We have one reason!

Chores are part of life. If we do not do basic things around the home, then we tread into some pretty dangerous water.

Ok, let me just say it.

Your house will be a HOT mess!

The payment to our children for doing their chores is having a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, food on the table, water, and electricity. PERIOD!

Chores are a Life Skill

Everyone will need to know how to maintain a home at some point in their life. Chores are essential life skills that we all should know and I want our kids to understand this and know how to maintain a home before they move out.

And hey, I want them to help out too.

Every Home is Different

Every home is different and I know some who pay for regular chores. We used to give $.50 here and there when the kids were younger, but now these jokers would rather forego the money and not do them at all. They don’t care if we offer $100. They will try to convince one another to do it for them.

They fuss and complain about doing chores, but they know there’s no other option. And hey, I’m not paying you to do something that I have to fuss at you about daily! And as I said earlier, CHORES ARE A PART OF LIFE.

I tell them to treat their bedroom as they would their dorm room or apartment when they move out of our house. It should always be presentable and smell fresh.

Pickup Behind Yourself

Daily chores do not take long. Just pick up behind yourself and do regular dusting. Clean the kitchen after each use and wipe down the bathroom every night.

Daily chores can be done right after school or right before bed. After school chores shouldn’t take all day and I promise, it’s not going to hurt them, nor does it interfere with homework or extra-curricular activities. Yes. My kids try getting out of chores because of practice. I kindly smile and tell them, “work on your time management skills.”

So, in a nutshell, our goal is to have our children keep their room tidy, do their laundry and pick up after themselves.

Things may not always be spotless or picture perfect. But I do want to feel comfortable eating in your kitchen and using your bathroom. Something my mom always said when I was growing up, “keep a clean kitchen and bathroom. No one wants to use a nasty bathroom nor eat in a nasty kitchen. 

Be sure to come back and I will break down their actual chore list and also will let you know how much we pay our kids for their allowance and where those funds come from. Naw, we do not have a money tree in our yard.

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  1. Yes chores are a part of life! Learning these skills now continues all through life.
    They may complain now sometimes but when they have their own places I am sure they will put all their doing to use on a daily basis like the rest of us adults. And I can bet they will like having a clean place that smells fresh. It will carry over and I hope they remember to be grateful for what you’ve taught them and feel really good about it.
    So doing chores isn’t an option rather it’s needed to learn life’s responsibilities of keeping things neat and tidy!

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