What To Say When Someone Is Mean

What to say when someone is mean

  I am a simple gal.  I don’t believe in overwhelming people, especially kids with a lot of extras when speaking with them about self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education.  I believe in being direct and fun during any presentation and conversation I have about these topics.  Kids will tune you out otherwise.  So, what are two simple things to teach your …

Teach Your Child To Speak Up

Teach Your Child To Speak Up

Many times we tell our kids to ignore the negative behavior of others.  How much can you ignore yourself?  If someone is mistreating you verbally or physically, you stand up for yourself, right?  Well, let’s teach your child to speak up against any negative behavior. What do I mean by bad or negative behavior?  I am talking about ANY  action or word …

What Is Bullying?

What Does Bullying mean

I remember watching others deal with bullies as a Junior High kid (I don’t hear that used much anymore.  It’s Middle School now I guess), but I don’t recall having a bully in my early education life.  We had “mean” kids.  You know, that child that likes to pick boogers and wipe on everyone.  The child that seemed to enjoy …

I’m Skinny And LOVE IT

I'm skinny and loving it

My name is Sybil; I’m a mother of three, and I wear a size 0.Ohhhh……What did you just think? Was it pleasant or was it negative? Yep, I’m a skinny lady and love it! However, many people have a lot to say about skinny people.  Yes, skinny people are victims of body shaming.