What To Say When Someone Is Mean

What to say when someone is mean
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Help your child know what to say for mean encounters their will have in life

I am a simple gal.  I don’t believe in overwhelming people, especially kids with a lot of extras when speaking with them about self-esteem, anti-bullying, and education.  I believe in being direct and fun during any presentation and conversation I have about these topics.  Kids will tune you out otherwise.  So, what are two simple things to teach your child to say as you encourage them to speak up for themselves when someone is mean (being mean doesn’t always equate to being a bully). So, let’s look at some simple things your child can say when someone is mean.

2 Simple Things To Teach Your Child To Say When Someone Is Mean

  • First and foremost, say, “STOP!”  There’s no misunderstanding with these words whatsoever.  Your child has made it extremely clear that the behavior is unacceptable by them.  There are so many different ways to articulate this.  They may also say, “leave me alone!”  “I don’t like you hitting me (state the actual action or behavior).”
  • Before, after and during your child speaking up they should express confidence and show faith in SELF.  Meaning, they are having a pep talk in their mind, speaking confidence and encouraging words to themselves.  If you don’t speak encouragement to yourself, no one else will.  Be your own cheerleader!  So, tell your child to mentally say “I got this!” or “I can speak up to you, I am not afraid of you!”

Believe in yourself, speak up to negative behavior

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up

It can be difficult for your child to speak up against any form of negative behavior.  There are many reasons why a child may be afraid to speak up, but as mom and dad, we need to encourage them that no matter what the situation, we are available to listen and give them advice.  

If a child is intimidated by someone at school or at the playground, they may not want to speak up.  If they have witnessed negative behavior towards others, they may shy away from handling their situation.  Or maybe, the child is just shy.  In many cases, kids are afraid to speak up because of fear.  I will touch on ways to overcome this fear in a later post.

It is important to listen and guide our youth in life.  It just doesn’t stop at home but continues with educators in school, neighbors, family members, etc.  But, mom and dad are ALWAYS THEIR child’s first teacher and influence in life.  Teach your child at an early age that it is ok to SPEAK UP!

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  1. Fantastic advice on how to empower your child when confronted with bullying, unfortunately this is something that happens all too often, thanks for taking the time to write this post!

    1. Thank you. Yes, and our kids just don’t know it’s ok to speak up nor know what to say.

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