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The Overly Opinionated Teen walked through the door about two weeks ago telling me about her day as usual.  Her routine is to say,” Hi mommy.”  Afterwards, it can about four different ways….her just saying hello and continuing through the house, her yelling at one of her sisters, her laughing hysterically about something that happened at the end of the day and I have to figure out what she is actually saying or her plopping down in the chair telling me I need to close my computer.  Well, if she requests me to close my computer this means something drastic has happened.

On this particular day, she walked in, spoke, was laughing, plopped down in the chair and told me I needed to close my computer.  Hmmmm…..I wasn’t sure what was about to hit me.  Honestly, I was a bit scared.  As she shared her story about her day laughing and carrying on, I heard her say, “I took something (I totally missed what she actually said) from a stranger in the parking lot.”  WHAT???!!!!  Girl, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING FROM A STRANGER!  Yo, I wanted to jump across my desk.  She could see it in my eyes too.

She backtracked quickly saying,”there was someone in the parking lot handing out Bibles.  I know I shouldn’t take anything from a stranger, but what do you say to someone passing out Bibles as an entire group is walking by?  I was in a group. I wasn’t alone.”  “Yeah, you better stutter and be very afraid right now,” were my thoughts.

As she continued telling me about her day she said, “Since we had Bibles a few of us decided to have Bible Study.  We know it’s not allowed in school anymore, but we figured since it wasn’t organized by the school or a teacher it was just a few kids gathering together at lunch to discuss God.  You know, we were just talking about our lives and relating it to the Bible.”  Of course, I smiled and told her I thought it was a great idea.  They each had to share something about their life and relate it to their favorite scripture.

Devotional Bible For Young Women

During this conversation, my 2nd thought (because I was still calming myself down about taking things from a stranger) was about the way God works.  You see, I had a box with a  Devotional for Young Women sitting here in my office that I needed to crack open.  I immediately grabbed the box and handed her the Devotional.  Since she mentioned they would each have to take turns leading a session, I recommended that she use one of the devotionals she studied for that week.

This devotional is geared toward girls ages 13 and up.  Let’s be honest with ourselves parents…we know it all, we’ve been there, done that, but our kids don’t think we understand being a teen. We are constantly trying to find ways of teaching them about life, the ways of life to protect them as much as possible.

I quickly thumbed through this devotional and days 1-7 all hit right on time dealing with some conversations we’ve had in our home.  BUT Day 137, Carry each other’s burdens…..Galatians 6:2  WOW!  Like, wow for real, for real.  Day 137 talks about Racial Tension.  How it is a difficult and complex topic in our culture right now.  It mentions how Christians have a specific call to carry burdens of others and how to be apart of the solution.  This has been another hot topic in our home and across the media in general.

Adored 365

When asked about her thoughts on the devotion she stated that she likes how they are short and relatable to her everyday life as a teenager.  Our kids deal with pressures every day.  As parents, it’s our job to ensure we are there to guide them, but sometimes they want their space to work through these pressures alone.  A good devotion they can relate to is a great tool to offer.

Enter To Win Your Very Own Devotion For Young Women

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