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It’s almost back-to-school time for my kids and back-to-fashion for this mama.  I’m not sure why I totally bummed it this summer.  I usually rock fashion to the fullest during summer with cute skirts, shoes, earrings and a little make up.  Makeup!  That’s where I failed two summers ago, and I’ve been scarred since.

It was a beautiful summer day; I started to head out with my youngest daughter to explore some sights in Tokyo and celebrate her 5th birthday.  She stopped and asked if I was really walking out looking like I was.  I told her, “of course!  Mommy is LOOKING GOOD!”  Without hesitation, she replied, “No!  You look like a CLOWN!”  I was horrified.  She didn’t like my lipstick.  Well, I thought it was pretty HOT!  Lol  Little to say, I ran upstairs to wipe it off.  When my husband came home from work, I put more on and asked his thoughts.  His response, “What’s that show from when we were kids that you toss the ball into buckets?” BOZO?  No way!  He agreed with my child; I was devasted, AND I tossed my latest lipstick in the trash.

After this episode, I started accessorizing more.  Because of course, I couldn’t be plain Jane.  This was NOT MomJonz.  I learned to add a cute scarf or just add a nice necklace to almost every outfit.  No more worries of my child calling me a clown.

As we begin to close this Summer and welcome Fall, I’m going to Refresh my style with Stella & Dot’s latest fall line.   I was introduced to Stella & Dot shortly after my little clown incident by a fellow Navy wife.  I will admit, I went in telling myself I wasn’t going to buy anything.  Instead, it’s become one of my favorite go-to companies for my accessories.  Even my kids love the kid line.



These Seine Threaders are my latest addition, and they are so lovely and versatile.  That’s another great thing I love.  I can wear many of their styles multiple ways.  SCORE!

A woman with her ear hanging up.

MomJonz wearing Ear Climbers – Stella & Dot

Here I am wearing the Pave` Triangle Gold Climbers. A newer version of these ear climbers just came out for this season.  Be sure to check out the latest styles for the upcoming season.  Grab them now and I promise, you will not be disappointed.  The lovely neutral and white hues will last you year round.

I have many friends that sell Stella & Dot.  They love it, and they have made it a way of making extra income.  Some have even made it their full-time job.  No, I am not a stylist; I just LOVE buying and sharing their products.  But, it’s an awesome opportunity!

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