Flexible Work For Moms And Help Others Look Good Too

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A few years ago I was introduced to a jewelry line that I fell in love with.  I felt like I was finally at the “grown” woman phase and needed to dress accordingly, yet I was still fun and bubbly.  Adding a bit of jewelry is an amazing way to accessorize any outfit.  It’s also flexible work for moms to make some money.

My hubby loves buying me nice jewelry; diamonds and pearls, but we all know you just don’t walk around all the time with your fine jewelry.  Ok, well let me rephrase that.  I DON’T walk around every day rocking my diamonds and pearls.  And let’s be honest, they just don’t go with everything, you may not be into that kind or thing, or it’s not in your budget.  Either way, it’s A.O.K.  Look, I still remember the 1st pair of diamond earrings my hubby purchased for me.  I dropped them down the sink’s drain.  Boy oh boy.  And no, I didn’t tell him for awhile.  AND….we were selling our house, as a matter of fact, the house was sold.  It was our last day in the home when the earring slipped between my fingers and down the drain.  A. Very. Sad. Moment.

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Let me focus here.  So, a few years ago while living in Japan, a friend invited me to a jewelry party.  I went and did not take my purse because there was no way this gal was buying any overpriced costume jewelry.   I sat quietly on the couch and observed the lovely pieces.  No reaction, nothing.  Yes, straight up poker face.  Why?  We all know by showing any ounce of interest you’re going to be bombarded with why you should buy this or that.  Nope!  Not going to be suckered into it.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later.  It was ladies night out cause the hubbies were deployed.  I picked out my cute outfit and shoes. I had NO cute jewelry to go with the outfit.  In my thought bubble….”If I had only ordered that cute necklace.”

Monday finally came around, and I had to get the information to order me some cute and stylish jewelry.  Yep!  I placed an order and hooked since.

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Flexible Work For Moms

Of course, I had to ask the consultant her why and she shared how she was able to make money to help pay for extra-curricular activities for her kids. The consultant moved and unfortunately, I lost contact with her.

It’s time to move again (remember, that’s what we do).  As I attempted to find my people I met another mom that sold MY jewelry.  WHHHAAAATTTTTT???!!!  Yes!  I was pumped!  You can see the first pair of earrings I purchased from my new consultant here in this post.  

As we talked, she shared her story of why she started selling Stella & Dot.  I was amazed at how much money she made by selling jewelry. But, what I realized, she just wasn’t selling jewelry.  She was changing lives. This lady helped her clients accessorize to be a more beautiful them, and it is Flexible work for mothers.

She told me she never worried about receiving that dreadful sick call from school.  She was available during summer vacation and any other holidays.  I don’t know about you, but these things are important to me as a mom.

Reasons To Join Stella & Dot

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  2. – You will automatically get $450 of free accessories.
  3. – Achieve $1000 of sales within the first 30 days and get an additional $200 of free accessories.

I have met some amazing moms that have turned this into their full-time job and doing well at it. Sign up as a Stella & Dot Stylist today and start your journey.

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