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MomJonz wearing Ear Climbers – Stella & Dot

If you’re like me, you like to add a little bling to your outfit.  I love wearing jewelry and so do my girls.  In the past year or so we’ve become more favorable to purchasing unique pieces.  Handmade pieces or cute pieces that are engraved with initials or quotes on them.  Fashion Diva Girl has started requesting to purchase jewelry for her friends, so I’ve conceded to jewelry not just making great gifts for women, but for all females of any age.

Let’s chat about an engravable jewelry gift idea for a moment.  With Mother’s Day and graduation right around the corner, you should check out some of these cute ideas.  Have an empowering and inspiring message right at the center of a loved one’s heart.

Buy and save on engravable jewelry gift idea

Ok, I’ve been a fan of Stella & Dot for years.  Heck, I even have an older post you can read about it here.  When this deal came across my desk, I couldn’t resist sharing it with my readers.  Again, think of all the special occasions that are approaching and how you can share a special message with that special person in your life.

And oh, save yourself some money too! 20% Off Engravables at Stella & Dot.

Tell me about your jewelry box.  What do you love to wear?  

****FTC Disclosure: Please refer to the top of this article as well.  But, yes, MomJonz was compensated for this article.  All opinions belong to me, and I do personally shop with Stella & Dot.  So, if you would like more information about their jewelry, please do not hesitate to ask me.  

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