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A woman taking a selfie in the mirror.

Each day is a new day.  It’s an opportunity to go into the world and make a difference.  With that comes a moment that we must take to practice self-empowerment, self-motivation, and self-love.  As we step out of the comfort of our own homes and sometimes our own bedrooms, we need to get our mind right to tackle this thing called life.  Each day I ask myself, “Are You Somebody?”  Each day I answer with, “I AM SOMEBODY!”

After rolling over to hit snooze several times, I say my morning prayers, grab my phone to see what’s going on over at #MaCs, fight with the covers to get out of bed (the blanket tries tripping me up.  It holds on tight, goodness!), pee (cause I gotta pee first thing).  And then comes the talk.  Yes!  The mirror talk! As I wash my hands, I have a little talk with myself. Yes!  WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU USE THE BATHROOM, please and thank you!

So, as I wash my hands, I take a nice look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m looking good!  Yep, drool, eye boogers, hair all over my head and all!  I continue this talk as I hop in the shower and as I dry my body standing there figuring out what to do with my hair for the day (an article on it’s on right here).


This talk isn’t for anyone other than myself.  Yep, your mirror talk is just for YOU!

A woman taking a selfie in the mirror.

Mirror talk is to help me face whatever greets me for the day.  And that goes for the people in my house too.  Let’s be real here, many times our attitudes for the day are set by those in our home.  If you’re a parent, you may have a child acting up, fighting with siblings or forgotten homework.  Maybe your spouse is running around looking for keys.  All of these things weigh on you.  They weigh on your heart, and they play mind games with you. When things aren’t going as planned or a bit difficult, we feel like it’s our fault.  It can begin to make us have self-doubt, not feel important, etc.

Add the people we encounter outside of our home.  All the negative folks and negative interactions we may have. Man! Our whole world is flipped upside down!  Others can take your joy in 3 seconds if you let them.


A cat sitting on the window sill next to some words.

My mirror talk helps change that mindset.   I hope what I share here will help you too.  People will still come at you, they may even shake you, but when you’ve put on your armor first thing each morning and close your day with the reminder to LOVE YOU!  HONEY, you have that constant reminder that YOU ARE SOMEBODY!


Remember this!  To really live and enjoy life, you MUST do these three simple things:

Know You

Be You

Love You®





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