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“Hello.  How are you?”  “Girl, I’m sooooo busy!  I have so much to do; you just wouldn’t understand how busy my life is?”  Do you know someone like this?  Do you ever think, “you need to take a chill pill!  And no one asked you what you had to do.  The question was, how are you?”  Are you really that crazy busy?

When people start out telling me how busy they are two things come to mind.  1. they don’t want to be bothered with me. 2 they need better time management or 3. (ok, I had to add this) they need to take a chill pill.

We all have busy days because we have things to do, but no one is busy all day, every day.  And if you are, then you need to chill, delegate or just say no sometimes.

As I get older and meet people through our travels as a military family, I have the pleasure of meeting all types of folks.  The one constant I’ve seen is when I encounter “I’m sooooo busy people” it’s either their personality and they thrive in being busy (this is a bit different than what I’m talking about in this post), them wanting to appear important, beyond scattered brain or something is missing in their life. Sorry, yes, I said it.  Honey, sit your butt down and enjoy life.  Reevaluate and prioritize.  And trust me, there’s nothing wrong with being scattered brain.  Continue following me, and you will learn that I’m oh, so random!

Crazy Busy With Kids

Your little person doesn’t need to be in 50 different activities a day.  Stop all that ripping and running up and down the street to keep them happy and entertained.  You are killing yourself when all you need to do is engage your kid at home with some good ole fashion quality time.  I promise that your child will not take you to Dr. Phil’s show and tell you how horrible of a parent you were when they were three because they didn’t participate in three structured activities five days a week.

It’s O.K. NOT To Volunteer Your Free Time

Some people feel the need to be involved in every club, neighborhood event, etc.  Then complain about life being too busy.  Hmmmmm…..  Learn to say no.  Just learn to stop putting so much on your plate.  I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will.  Most of the time NO ONE asked you to do a darn thing.  You feel the need, want to seem important or the savior of all things around you.

Being Crazy Busy Is Stressful

Being busy all the time is stressful, and it takes away from your very own well-being.  Look, what I share here is through my personal experience or observation of the world.  I was once that person that claimed always to be busy and LOVED saying it.  It was a badge of honor to have others around me think I had it going on.  Yeah, unfortunately, I thought to be busy made me look important and that people cared (no one gives a darn, (head tilt, suck teeth) for reals).  It also was my way out of doing things with people instead of just being honest and saying “not today or not ever cause we just don’t jive.”  However, I’m older and wiser.  Ain’t nobody got time to spend all day with you if you’re not my cup of tea nor driving myself insane pretending to be important.  And don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids and want them to participate in activities, but there comes the point that NO is the only answer.  Yeah, it’s ok to say No to kids.  It’s also ok to say NO to anyone else about anything you want.

Now for those of you who are really “CRAZY BUSY,” you, my friend need to readjust your life.  There are days we may need to rip and run from sun up to sun down, but that should be far and between.  There may be a need to grab yourself a pad and pencil and jot down what you NEED to accomplish this week.  Things that are important in your life and your home, not for everyone else and most definitely not what you think impresses others.  It’s ok to even have a clear calendar for a week or two.  I double dare you to give it a try.
Don't be crazy busy, learn to have some fun

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Instead of being CRAZY BUSY, work on being CRAZY FUN!  It’s much healthier for you!  And STOP with the excuses of why you can’t take some time to relax.

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